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How to Clone webpage Using pywebcopy in Python?

  • Difficulty Level : Expert
  • Last Updated : 01 Aug, 2020

Some times we need a handy web page on your local hard drive. So, here we are going to write a simple Python script to Scrap a web page. Web scraping used for extracting data from websites for offline reading, Storage or whatever reason. Before writing the script we need to know pywebcopy. pywebcopy is available on PyPi and is easily installable using pip. Type the below command in the terminal to install this module

pip install pywebcopy

pywebcopy  Python package for cloning complete webpages and websites to local storage.


  • Import pywebcopy
  • Pass the argument into the save_webpage(url=”…”,project_folder=”path/download”,kwargs)
  • Cheak on your given location.

Below is the implementation.


from pywebcopy import save_webpage
kwargs = {'project_name': 'site folder'}
    # url pf the website
    # folder where the copy will be saved


python clone website

The complete clone of the webpage is made and stored in the specified location. 

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