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How to check if mod_rewrite is enabled in PHP ?
  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 20 Dec, 2019

In PHP, there is an inbuilt function called ‘phpinfo’. By using this function, we can output all the Loaded Modules and see the ‘mod_rewrite’ is enabled or not.



Here is a process to check the ‘mod_rewrite’ load module is enabled or not.

Note: The local server used here is XAMPP.

  1. Create a ‘check.php’ file in ‘c:/xampp/htdocs’ directory and write the below code in that file and save it.

  2. Now, start the Apache server from the XAMPP Control Panel.
  3. Open any web browser browser and type following the URL, ‘localhost/check.php’. It will display the PHP version details and Apache Configuration.

  4. In Apache Configuration, search for the Loaded Modules section, and there you will find all the modules that are enabled.
  5. If it is enabled then it will be displayed in the list, as shown in the above screenshot.

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