How to apply style to parent if it has child with CSS?

We know how to apply styles to the child elements if a parent class has one. But if we want to apply a style to the parent class and that with CSS. Here’s the way we can do that. A child combinator describes a parent-child between two elements. A child combinator is made of the “greater-than (>)” character and separates two elements.


  • E > F, an F element child of an E element.
  • The following selector represents a “p” element that is child of “body”:body > p.
  • So the style In the parent class can be by just writing the name once like this
    .parent li {
  • If we want to apply the style in child class then use this
    .parent > li > ul > li {






<!DOCTYPE html>
        .parent li {
        .parent > li > ul > li {
        .parent > li > ul > li > ul >li {
    <ul class="parent">
        <li>I am first</li>
        <li>I am second</li>
        <li>I am third</li>
        <li>I am forth</li>
        <li>I am fifth
            <ul class="child">
        <li>I am sixth</li>
        <li>I am seventh</li>
        <li>I am eigth</li>



CSS3 does not have parents selectors. If CSS4 released then there is a proposed CSS4 selector, $, which will be like selecting the li element.

  • However, as of now, this code can’t be used in any of the browsers.
    ul $li ul.sub { ... }
  • In the meantime, we’ll have to use JavaScript if we need to select a parent element.
    $('ul li:has(ul.child)').addClass('has_child');

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