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How to Add MP3 Audio Files to Your WordPress Website ?

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Audio files are mostly used for the websites which give the podcast show in the form of audio on their website, sometimes audio gives a great user experience and the user can easily listen to their favorite content in the form of the audio files. 

Uploading Audio files to the WordPress website is easy by using the media library section of the WordPress dashboard, let’s see how we can upload the MP3 audio media files to our WordPress website step by step –

Uploading the MP3 Audio files to the WordPress website: Firstly for uploading the mp3 audio file to WordPress ensure that you have saved the audio file to your computer and you should know the location of the file where you have saved it.

Follow these steps to upload the audio file to WordPress –

Step 1: Open the WordPress dashboard of your website and then hover over the “Media” section and then click on the “Library” button.


The Media library will appear on the window of your screen.


Step 2: Now click on the “Add New” button to add the Mp3 audio file to WordPress.


Step 3: After clicking on the “Add New” button, click on the “Select files” to select the audio file from your computer.


Step 4: Select the audio file which you want to upload to your WordPress website and then click on the “Open”  button to upload the audio file.


After uploading the file successfully, it will start appearing in the media library of your WordPress.


This is how you can add an Mp3 audio file to your WordPress website.

How to Insert Audio file into the post?

In the above section, we have seen how we can upload any Mp3 audio file to WordPress, now let’s see how we can add this audio file to our post.

Step 1: To add the audio file to the post first you have to open the post in which you want to add the audio file. Hover over the “Post” and then click on the “All Post” button.


Step 2: Now select the post in which you want to add the audio file and click on the edit button.


Step 3: Now click on the plus icon to add the Audio to your post.


Step 4: In the media section selects the “Audio”.


Step 5: Click on the media library button and then select the audio file from the media library.


Now, select the Mp3 audio file from the Media Library and then click on the “Select” button.


Step 6: After selecting the audio file click on the “Update” button, Now your audio file gets successfully embedded into your post.


Now your Mp3 audio file will start appearing in your post.


Last Updated : 06 May, 2022
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