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How to Add GIT Credentials in VS Code?

Last Updated : 06 May, 2024
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Git is a version management system for computer files that track changes. It is commonly used in software development for source code management. It is intended to handle any form of project, large or little, with speed and efficiency. It focuses on distributed software development so that additional developers may access the source code and edit the program.

In this article, you’ll get to learn How you can Add GIT Credentials in VS Code? what are the steps to add Git Credentials in VS Code and so on.

Features of Git

  • Git offers quick branching and merging, as well as tools for viewing and traversing a non-linear development history in the most efficient way feasible.
  • When compared to other version control systems, it is particularly efficient in managing huge projects and is very quick and scalable.
  • It offers high data assurance. The history is recorded in such a way that the ID of a certain version is determined by the entire development history.
  • It offers automated trash collection when a sufficient number of loose objects are produced in the repository.

Steps to Add GIT Credentials in VS Code

Step 1: Download git from the official website and install it.



Step 2: When you’re finished installing Git, start Visual Studio Code and verify that Git is now identified.



Step 3: Start a new Terminal and configure your ‘’ and ‘’ in git with the help of the following commands.

git config –global “”

git config –global “Your Name”



Step 4: After configuring your details, you can check by using the following command.

git config –global –list



In conclusion, Git is a powerful version control system for tracking changes in computer files, widely used in software development. To seamlessly integrate Git with VS Code, follow the simple steps outlined to add Git credentials, ensuring smooth collaboration and efficient project management.

Add GIT Credentials in VS Code – FAQs

Why is Git important for software development?

Git tracks changes in computer files, facilitating collaboration among developers, managing project versions, and ensuring efficient source code management.

What are the key features of Git?

Git offers quick branching, efficient merging, scalable management of large projects, high data assurance, and automated trash collection.

How do I add Git credentials in VS Code?

  • Download and install Git.
  • Open VS Code and ensure Git is recognized.
  • Start a new Terminal and set ‘’ and ‘’ with Git commands.
  • Confirm settings with ‘git config –global –list’.

Can I use Git with other IDEs besides VS Code?

Yes, Git is compatible with various IDEs, including IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse, and Sublime Text, among others.

Is Git only for software development projects?

No, Git can be used for managing any type of project that involves tracking changes in files, such as writing documents, designing graphics, or creating websites.

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