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How to Add Custom Logo to WordPress Website ?

Last Updated : 05 May, 2022
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Logos are the brand identity that represents the whole brand or company but the WordPress comes with the default logo or name branding of the theme which we have installed on our WordPress website.

In this article, we are going to see how we can add the custom logo to your WordPress website step by step –

Adding Custom Logo to WordPress Website:

Step 1: Hover over the “Appearance” tab and then click on the “Customize” button.


Step 2: Now you are entered into the customization section of the WordPress website.


Step 3: In the customization panel there is a tab called “Site Identity” click on the tab.


Now the site identity tab will open and appear on your screen.


Step 4: Now in the site identity tab you can upload your custom logo, you can also change the “Site Title” and also the site tagline. For changing the logo click on the “Select Logo” button.


After clicking on the “Select Logo” button, the pop-up window will appear on the screen for selecting the logo from the computer.


Step 5: Select the logo from your computer which you want to upload to your site.


After selecting the logo from your computer, click on the “Open” button.

Step 6: After clicking on the “Open” button, the media library dialogue box will appear on the screen, select the logo which you have uploaded from the media library.


After selecting the image click on the “Select” button.

Step 7: Then crop the logo as per your need, and then click on the “Crop Image” button.


Step 8: Now one last step, you have to just click on the “Publish” button to make it published on your WordPress website.


Finally, your logo is uploaded to your WordPress website. 


This is how you can upload any custom logo to your WordPress website.

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