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How to Access the Dark Web Using the TOR Browser in Kali Linux

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  • Last Updated : 02 Aug, 2022
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The “surface web” is the portion of the internet that is easily traceable and indexed by search engines. Only 4% of the Internet is covered by the surface web; the rest is made up of the dark web and other forms.

What is Deep web & Dark web?

There is a portion of the internet that is encrypted and inaccessible to standard search engines like Google, Facebook, and other large search engines. This area of the internet is known as the Deep Web & Dark Web.

Is the Deep web & Dark web the same?

No, The Deep Web mainly consists of Databases and Documentaries of Public/Private organizations or individuals. Such as Giants Companies (Google, Meta, Netflix, etc.), store their sensitive data on the deep web like their Subscriptions Information, Email Accounts, Private Messages and all.
The dark web mainly consists of criminal activities and services related to bad and evil intentions.   

What is Tor Browser?

The Tor Browser was primarily created with users’ online freedom and privacy in mind. It enables users to defend themselves against being monitored by hackers, ISPs, governments, and organizations.
The Tor (The Onion Network) Browser is an open-source initiative that is totally free. The tor browser encrypts all of your internet traffic and routes it through the tor network, enabling you to remain anonymous online.

Steps to Access Dark Web using Tor Browser in Kali Linux

Note: It is generally recommended that you use a VPN whenever you access the dark web or any of its services.

Step 1: Open the Terminal and go with the following commands.

sudo apt update
sudo apt install -y tor torbrowser-launcher

The first command is to update the package database with the most recent changes.
The second command is to install the Tor service and Tor Browser Launcher including signature verification.

Updating Packages and Installing tor service


Step 2: Run the below command to install the tor browser launcher when the above tasks have been fully executed.


This command will install torbrowser-launcher and start it.

Installing Tow Browser Launcher for Kali Linux


Step 3: When the tor browser launches, it will first ask you to Connect to Tor, giving you a certain amount of anonymity by routing your internet through the tor network. Now, click on Connect.

Tor Browser's Connect to Tor Page


Step 4: If you are done with connecting to Tor; Navigate to for dark web links.


Step 5: Now click on any indexed link i.e. ending with “.onion” and It will redirect you to the dark web page. Here we are proceeding to The Hidden Wiki dark web link.

The Hidden wiki surface web page.


Step 6: As you can see in the search bar, We are now redirected to The Hidden wiki’s Dark web page.

The Hidden wiki dark web page.


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