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How Programming Languages are Changing the World?

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  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 31 Jul, 2021
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Programming has been revolutionizing the world since the advent of the first software or a code-based project. Programming or coding has opened numerous new ways and paved the way for innovation in almost every industry. Today, with various types of coding languages available and modern tech-powered tools to assist, something new and innovative is always around the corner.  

Moreover, programming is one of the most demanded skills today when it comes to recruitments in not only the IT and software field but also in non-tech organizations. Almost everything that you run or browse on your smartphone or laptop is powered by some coding language. In real-life instances and scenarios as well, coding languages have entirely revolutionized the way people live and perform specific tasks.  


That’s the reason Barack Obama has started the Computer Science for All initiative in the US to bring coding and programming to the curriculum of the students right from early schooling.  Let us briefly understand how coding languages have changed the world for the better and are still doing it.

1. Websites and Mobile Apps

In this era of digital transformation, almost everyone has access to the internet and smartphones. The use of the internet is all about browsing websites and several kinds of mobile apps. Whether you talk about the commonly used messaging apps like WhatsApp, social media apps like Instagram and Facebook, the coding stays at the foundation of everything. There are over 1.7 billion websites on the internet today, all of which are powered by some programming language. Today, these websites and mobile applications have brought every activity and task to the fingertip of the users. Want to reserve a hotel, order food, connect with friends, find jobs, book a cab, watch favorite shows or movies? Coding has enabled everything.  

2. Microsoft Windows

Everybody is aware of the potential of Microsoft Windows that powers almost every desktop and laptop device today. The core foundation of Windows is powered by programming languages only. It was Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, who liked computers and programs right from his teenage years. He had once used programming to access the computers of his school. When he was fascinated by his skills, he went on to explore more in this field and developed some payroll programs and related software. Soon, he had the idea of capitalizing his programming skills to create software for the fastest-growing technology at that time – personal computers. He didn’t want to build machines but software that runs those machines. His idea took him to found Microsoft.  

3. Digital Assistants

Digital assistants are making the lives of people easier today by allowing them to find everything with just voice commands. Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant are some fine examples of the top digital assistants in use today. These devices use the latest technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, the internet of things (IoT), and cloud computing. The powerhouse behind these technologies is the innovative programs written in different coding languages. One can use these smart devices to find answers to their questions with voice commands, send emails, reply to messages, set alarms, control smart homes, reserve seats in buses, trains, and flights, get directions to any destination and do much more.  

4. Exploring Space

Programming has been playing a big part in exploring space since its inception. Today, NASA is using coding languages like Python to explore, discover, and know more about the Earth and universe. The innovative solutions created by NASA are powered by Python. Developers at space organizations use coding to create programs that can find the kind of materials present in space at different locations, predict radiation on the moon for the safety of astronauts, as well as collect petabytes of crucial data to understand things about the Earth.  Currently, NASA is working on its Artemis program, where Python is being used to get a better idea of the moon. The program includes the plan to send a man and woman to the moon in the coming years. The space programs by Apollo and Skylab also utilize programming and development skills to explore and conquer space.  

5. Solving Business Challenges

Businesses of all sizes today need some sort of software solution to make their processes easier. For instance, the use of software and tools like SAP, Microsoft Office, Google Chrome, Antivirus, Media Player, Photoshop, Skype, AnyDesk, etc. is mainstream today. Every software has its unique set of features and benefits to solve different challenges and improve the way people work. All these possibilities are the boon of coding languages. Chrome helps people to browse any website on the internet, Antivirus software helps in protecting computer systems from viruses, Skype helps in enabling internal and external communications, etc.  

6. Transportation & Accommodation

A few years ago, it was tough to get a cab at the right price and at the right time. But with the advent of transportation apps like Uber, things have completely changed. Today, there are several online services available, using which people can quickly hire the vehicles of their choice at a reasonable price. Moreover, there are also functionalities to track the ride, time, find help when needed, and rate & review the journey. All these services are also enabled by programming languages. Traveling and finding the desired accommodation at the destinations was another challenge for tourists. They needed to visit the hotels one by one to finally find the right one for them. Also, it sometimes involved overpaying for the accommodation, or it didn’t meet their expectations. However, today there are services like Airbnb that have brought the hotels, accommodation places, and experiences on a single platform. Travelers can browse the hotels online, see rooms, amenities, pricing, and reviews of other users before booking a room for themselves.  

Wrapping Up: Undoubtedly, programming languages today have an impact on almost everything today. It has transformed the way we live and change the world for the better. It is not only helping in making it easier to perform everyday tasks but also significantly improving the operations for businesses and helping even the space organizations.  

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