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How NoSQL System Handle Big Data Problem?

Last Updated : 29 Jan, 2022
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Datasets that are difficult to store and analyze by any software database tool are referred to as big data. Due to the growth of data, an issue arises that based on recent fads in the IT region, how the data will be effectively processed. A requirement for ideas, techniques, tools, and technologies is been set for handling and transforming a lot of data into business value and knowledge. The major features of NoSQL solutions are stated below that help us to handle a large amount of data.

NoSQL databases that are best for big data are:

Different ways to handle Big Data problems:

1. The queries should be moved to the data rather than moving data to queries:

At the point, when an overall query is needed to be sent by a customer to all hubs/nodes holding information, the more proficient way is to send a query to every hub than moving a huge set of data to a central processor. The stated statement is a basic rule that assists to see how NoSQL data sets have sensational execution benefits on frameworks that were not developed for queries distribution to hubs. The entire data is kept inside hub/node in document form which means just the query and result are needed to move over the network, thus keeping big data’s queries quick.

2. Hash rings should be used for even distribution of data:

To figure out a reliable approach to allocating a report to a processing hub/node is perhaps the most difficult issue with databases that are distributed. With a help of an arbitrarily produced 40-character key, the hash rings method helps in even distribution of a large amount of data on numerous servers and this is a decent approach to uniform distribution of network load.

3. For scaling read requests, replication should be used:

In real-time, replication is used by databases for making data’s backup copies. Read requests can be scaled horizontally with the help of replication. The strategy of replication functions admirably much of the time.  

4. Distribution of queries to nodes should be done by the database:

Separation of concerns of evaluation of query from the execution of the query is important for getting more increased performance from queries traversing numerous hubs/nodes. The query is moved to the data by the NoSQL database instead of data moving to the query.

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