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How I Prepared for GATE CSE ?

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  • Last Updated : 24 Nov, 2020
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GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) is an important and in-demand entrance exam for engineering graduates in our country.Some of the key points that I kept in mind and implemented so as to prepare for the GATE examination were:

  1. Analyzing the GATE syllabus
    Take a printout or download the GATE syllabus and start to analyse the syllabus in such a way that you divide the syllabus into sub categories so as to prioritize subjects and important topics.

  2. Focus goal –
    I was focused to achieve good marks in GATE exam and kept myself away from time killing machines like the social media and youtube. With focus we should be determined, dedicated and work hard to achieve the target we have set for ourselves.

  3. Time Management –
    Time plays a vital role during the preparation and while attempting the exam as well. So I started preparing for the exam early without wasting any time. I started with some easy and scoring subjects like DBMS, Operating Systems and Computer Networks. This helped me to complete certain easy topics and subjects faster thereby building up confidence.

  4. Followed a disciplined schedule –
    I made a time table for myself and followed it with utmost consistency. I decided a fixed number of hours for my GATE preparation and completed it daily.

  5. Took running notes while studying –
    I noted certain important points in notebook while covering the topics which later helped me to revise quickly.

  6. Subjects easy to score
    I started off with few subjects which are easier to score, like Digital Logic, Mathematics and Aptitude. These three subjects cover 25-28% of complete GATE paper which increases overall GATE AIR.

  7. Tracked my preparation periodically –
    I solved previous years GATE questions for each subject which helped me to recall and revise the subjects thoroughly.I also noted time taken to solve questions and improved my timing week after week.

  8. Took Mock Tests –
    I practiced GATE Mock tests provided by GeeksForGeeks that enhanced my problem solving speed and were of great help while preparing for the test.

  9. Used short notes
    I read Last Minutes Notes provided by the GeeksForGeeks site which helped me to revise certain important topics quickly at last minute.

  10. Stayed Motivated and inspired –
    With motivation and inspiration hard work is a key to success. These three things are key factors that I always had in myself which kept me going.
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