How I cracked TCS Ninja ?

Round 1: I got selected for TCS interview by cracked TCS NQT-2019. First round is Technical Round.It is the most important round because it is the key to the next round. So, there are so many panels but most of the panels are Java Panels. So, it is my recommendation to all to learn and study the basic fundamentals of java at least. So, first of all the interviewer asked me to introduce myself to make me comfortable with the environment and I was little bit nervous because it was my first interview. Then they ask me regarding my Project and So please have a clear concept of your project ideas. After that the TR asked me some basic java questions from Thread, OOPS etc. Then I was not so comfortable in Java and in my resume I didn’t mention java too but the interviewer continuously asked me java questions. Then they asked me whether I know DBMS or not ? It is my strongest area and I said yes. Then they ask me few queries like truncate, delete, third highest salary not using limit etc. I was able to answers all the questions.

So, my suggestion for all who are willing to join TCS:

  •  Have a clear concept about your final year project
  • Mention only those certificates and skills in which you have a strong knowledge
  • Learn basic Java, DBMS and some basic coding questions like Palindrome, Armstrong number, reverse a string etc and I think GeeksforGeeks is the best place to practice your coding skills.

Round 2: Some of the panel has 3 Interviewers but I had two (TR and HR). After completing my Technical round, HR asked me about my family and also tell me to score myself in spoken English. Later he asked me about my hobbies, passion and whether I am comfortable in relocation and night shifting or not.

So, at least be confident what you are saying and have eye contact with interviewer. Maintain proper gesture and posture during Interview session. Practice some good English and be the real you, don’t try to act over smart. Keep a little smile on your face and be positive, you will definitely cracked the interview!!

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