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How I cracked my ATMECS Interview ?

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  • Last Updated : 16 Jan, 2020
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ATMECS is a result-oriented full-service engineering and R&D organization headquartered in the USA. It has its subsidiaries in Banglore, Hyderabad, and Chennai. ATMECS spans across four countries, namely the USA, India, UK, and Ireland.

It offers various services like:

  • Enterprise Analytics
  • Cloud Services
  • Product Engineering
  • Automation Engineering
  • Mobile Computing
  • Infrastructure Services, etc.

Selection Procedure
For the selection there were three rounds,

  • Online Test
  • Group Discussion
  • Technical & HR Interview

Online Test

An online test of 1 hour was conducted by ATMECS as the first round. It mostly comprised questions of Aptitude, Reasoning, Data Structures, and C & C++ programming.
The sections were not divided so all the questions were mixed and matched with one another.
In the Aptitude and Reasoning, there were basic pattern recognition questions and some puzzles as well.
In Data Structures, there were questions like

  • Find Inorder traversal, Postorder traversal of a binary tree
  • convert an expression to infix, prefix or postfix form
  • find the time & space complexity of a given algorithm

and so on.

All in all, it was a simple test and anyone with good practice and a good grasp on the basics would have cleared it.
From my college, we 14 students participated and 12 of us cleared that exam.

After the results were announced, we were sent to a room, where the people from ATMECS, gave the presentation and interacted with us asking questions about our hobbies, interests, etc.

Here, we were divided into groups of 7-8 students each, for the group discussion as well.

Group Discussion

For the group discussion, we were given general topics. My topic was:
How social media can benefit/harm in your studies

Seven of us discussed the topic for about 10 minutes under observation.
After that, the observer asked us to share our final views giving an additional 30 seconds to each participant.
And, then we were sent outside to wait for the results.

When the results were declared, 3 students from our group of 7 cleared the round. Out of these three, two of us spoke on the benefits of Social Media and the third person spoke on the harms of the same.

A total of 4 groups were formed each comprising of 7-8 students and from each group, 2 students were selected. However, from our group 3 of us were selected for the next round.

Technical/HR Interview

The third round was a Technical/HR Interview and before that round even started, we were asked about our programming language preferences, to which I said C, C++, and C#.

When I was called for the interview, there were two people in the room. One was the same person who observed us during the group discussion and the other one was the HR of ATMECS.

As this was my first interview ever, so I was quite nervous at that time.
My first question was:

Tell me about yourself

As soon as I heard this question I answered it with utmost confidence.
The interviewers seemed quite impressed with my answer and this helped me boost up my confidence.

After that, he glanced a look at my CV as I had done a bunch of internships in various domains such as Technical Content Writer, Graphic Designer, Motion Graphics Artist, Web Developer, etc. he was quite impressed.

Most of the questions that he asked me were from my internships only.Such as my positions of responsibility, my work samples, the link of the website I have developed and so on.

After that, he asked questions about the training that I had done during my Bachelor’s course since it was about Database Management so some questions were asked from there such as

  1. What is a Primary Key?
  2. What are the Views?
  3. What is Normalization?

I answered them all.

Then he asked me my programming language preferences again, to which I told C, C++, and C#.
Now, he began asking the questions from these languages, like

  1. What is OOPs?
  2. What are the basic concepts of OOPs?
  3. How can you create a rectangle in C?
  4. This was because I had some experience with graphics programming in C, which I had mentioned in my resume

  5. What is Inheritance?
  6. What is friend function in C++?
  7. What is a virtual function in C++?
  8. How can you use the try-catch in C#?
  9. What is a finally block in C#?
  10. Can you use multiple finally blocks in C#?

I answered all the questions except the last one. For that, I straightforwardly said that I don’t know about it.
To which he gave me a smirk.

After that, the HR began asking me some questions

  1. What is your location preference?
  2. Why do you want to join ATMECS?
  3. What are your future plans?

I answered all these questions as honestly as possible.

After that, we had a good chat about some famous places of Lucknow
(where I am a native of and where the interview was taking place)

Then they asked me to wait for some time as they will be announcing the results soon.

After some time the results were declared and the first name of the person selected for the job was mine!!

I was elated at that moment. They congratulated all the selected participants and told us that we will get our offer letters in 2-3 days.

So, that was my first ever interview experience for ATMECS and I was overjoyed as I got selected in my first interview ever.

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