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How can the government be more accountable to the people?

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The Governments are picked by the people. The Members of Parliament and the Members of the Legislative Assembly are picked by the people. Choices are held regularly all through a particular stretch of time, this makes the Government mindful of people. If people are discontent with the obligation of the Government, the choice party will lose the race, and another party will approach the Government. Occupants can search for information from the Government through Right to Information. 

If the inhabitants are discontent with the guidelines made by the Government, they save the honor to advance toward the courts. Occupants save the honor to hold peaceful battles. Occupants can shape pressure social events, and influential get-togethers and pack the Government to take explicit decisions. Occupants partake in the powerful cycle by giving analysis to the Government on unambiguous issues, guidelines, and approaches. State-run organizations are constrained by the representatives picked by the occupants. Races are the vitally political instrument for permitting residents to pick their administration and structure as a focal mainstay of any fair political framework. How electing frameworks are planned decides the political portrayal of specific gatherings, including minorities and avoided gatherings, and eventually resident fulfillment with the appointive cycle.

Political Accountability

Political responsibility is ostensibly the most grounded type of administration secured in just standards. It is a way to apply political control or oversight. Delegated public authorities are straightforwardly responsible to the presidential branch with liabilities in policymaking, going from training to public guard to natural security. Simultaneously, they likewise have various specialists over rulemaking assigned by lawmakers. These obligations direct that public executives ought to represent their activities with regard to planning and carrying out regulations, rules, and guidelines.

Administrative Accountability

The cliché order and-control relationship is in full power in administrative responsibility. Supervisors in open organizations need to concentrate on the needs of those at the highest point of the administrative order. The working of a regulatory responsibility framework requires a coordinated and genuine head specialist relationship wherein the demonstration to follow orders is unchallenged, and a severe presentation of the executive’s arrangement of standard working techniques is deeply grounded. In this methodology, regulatory responsibility is accomplished by procedures, authoritative standards, spending plan surveys, or execution of the board frameworks.

Resident Accountability

Residents can consider government directors responsible through interest regulations and deliberative gatherings. It is quite significant that in most Western nations, the responsibility pressures forced upon public executives by residents are a fairly circuitous power, on the grounds that selected authorities don’t go through decisions (which are a significant wellspring of responsibility for choose lawmakers and administrators). Notwithstanding, bunch advancements, frequently scaled by data and correspondence innovations, are being formulated to enable residents’ capacity to straightforwardly get to administrative data, screen government exercises, and supply continuous input on open help conveyance. These interest side devices are without a doubt impelling the development of open responsibility.

Lawful Accountability

Legitimate responsibility depends on connections between individuals from an administration office and officials outside it. Legislators can force lawful authorizations or formal authoritative game plans. It ought to be featured that this relationship is not quite the same as the manager and subordinate plan in administrative responsibility, which is basically various levels. In legitimate responsibility, the two gatherings are independent; and it includes a legal executive understanding among lawmakers and public directors.

Proficient Accountability

Proficient responsibility has turned into an original method for ingraining discipline into government exercises. It happens when public authorities depend on talented representatives and specialists to give fitting answers for actually troublesome and complex issues. Authority can be authorized through execution norms, sets of rules, or licensure in state-run administrations. Specialized experts in open offices, for example, clinical or lawful staff might be dependent upon examinations or assents from audit sheets or disciplinary panels in their calling. Proficient responsibility can be heightened when public heads are more presented to universally perceived proficient norms.

Finally, in our interconnected world, public chairmen typically face numerous channels of interior and outside responsibility pressures, and different responsibility streams frequently struggle with each other. Practically speaking, the systematized regulations or managerial techniques may once in a while negate what proficient judgment or moral qualities involve. To successfully consider state-run administrations to be responsible, an incorporated viewpoint is critical to figure out the conflicting elements of different responsibility systems.

Sample Questions

Question 1: How can the government be made accountable?


  •  By ensuring transparency
  • Holding regular and fair elections
  • Having open public debates and negotiations

Question 2:  Which form of government is more accountable to the people?


A democratic form of government is more accountable, as they have to cater exclusively to the needs of the people.

Last Updated : 14 Jul, 2022
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