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How ajax works? Difference between angular js and jquery

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Ajax: Ajax communicates with the server by using XMLHttpRequest Object. User send request from User Interface and JavaScript call goes to the XMLHttpRequest Object after that XMLHttp request is sent to the XMLHttpRequest Object. At that time server interacts with the database using php, servlet, etc. The data is retrieved then the server sends data in the form of XML or Jason data to the XMLHttpRequest Callback function. Then HTML and CSS displayed the Data on the browser. 

Note: The flow chart displays the process to display data on the browser. 

AngularJS features: There are many features of AngularJS which are listed below: 

  • Animation support
  • Data Binding
  • Deep linking
  • Dependency Injection
  • Form Validation
  • Reusable component (Directives, Custom Directives)
  • Routing
  • Unit Testing

jQuery features: There are many features of jQuery which are listed below: 

  • AJAX calls
  • Effects and animations
  • Event Methods
  • DOM manipulation

Difference between AngularJS and jQuery: There is so many differences in between AngularJs and jQuery which are listed below: 

  • AngularJS supports MVC(Modern View Controller) pattern to create a web app at client side whereas JQuery is not allowed to write an application code into MVC(Modern View Controller) pattern.
  • AngularJS came with RESTFul API whereas JQuery is not.
  • Deep linking routing is supported by AngularJS but it’s not allowed in jQuery.
  • AngularJS is required short code compare to jQuery to do the same task.
  • AngularJS is supported “Two Way Data Binding” but JQuery does not allow “Two Way Data Binding”.
  • AngularJS is heavier than jQuery.


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Last Updated : 12 Dec, 2021
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