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Improve Article Interview Experience | Set 3 (On-Campus)

  • Last Updated : 23 Jan, 2015
Geek Week

I was interviewed by through campus placements. Here is my interview experience.

Round 1:

Resume based and 1 coding question. Briefly discussed about projects in resume and questions were completely related to projects mentioned.

Coding question: How will you determine the repetition element in the array? How can you do with least space complexity?

Round 2:

This round was completely pen and paper coding round. 3 coding questions were asked.

Question 1: Root to a node path sum equals give number. With least space complexity. Problem similar to this

Question 2: There are buildings near a beach, which were of different height and placed one beyond the other. How many buildings can see the beach.

Input will be the height of the buildings.

Example: Input: 3, 1, 4. output: 2

Input: 4, 5,2,3,6. output: 3

Question 3: Given a stream of bits which are 1’s and 0’s . Find the contiguous subsequences where number of 0’s equals the number of 1’s

Round 3:

Only one coding question was asked with time limit of 10 minutes.

There is a function getWord() which takes word as input and checks whether word is present in the dictionary. Given a long word as input find all the meaning full ( i.e getWord() is true ) that can be made from the given input .

Example : Input : antin
output : a , an , ant, tin, in.

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