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Honeywell Technology Interview Experience | On-Campus 2021

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Year – 2022

Profile Software Engineer


Round 1(Online Coding Round) – This was the preliminary round held on Hackerrank. There were two coding questions and one implementation-based question. 

  • One of the coding quests was to search for the element in a circular array and print the minimum number of comparisons you made. 
  • Another question was also a kind of easy-moderate. 
  • There is also an implementation-based question; the task is to request the JSON from an API request and print a particular field. I will rate this round as easy-moderate. Also, there was ample time to solve all these three questions.

Round 2(Technical Round) – The interviewer asked various basic concepts related to the data types in C++, their range, types of storage class specifier, the difference between global and static keywords. 

  • The idea behind recursion. Questions were also from the real-time OS, like what condition do we need to implement the. Question-related to Round-robin scheduling wrt to real-time OS. 
  • Finally, he asked me to find out the midpoint of a linked list(using a single traversal of it). My advice is to keep your basics strong, and most important, if you have previously seen the question, don’t get too excited, be calm, and tell the approach.

Round 3(HR) – HR asked me for details of my projects. Details of the work done, the technology used. 

  • Then HR asked me, “What you know about the Honeywell?”, “Why do you want to join us?”. And other related questions. 
  • For preparing the HR round, at least get an overview of some of the products and the company’s technology stack. 
  • Also, to answer frequently asked HR questions, please follow the template format available online.

Verdict: Selected

My advice to all the students sitting for the placement season will be to keep yourself motivated, surround yourself with a good peer group. Do practice for the HR round. And last but not least, don’t lose hope in midway. For me, it got 5+ companies interview to finally gets selected in Honeywell. So prepare well, sooner or later you will surely get your dream company.

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Last Updated : 05 Nov, 2021
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