Honeywell Interview Experience | Set 3 (On-Campus)

Honeywell visited our campus for Software Development profile. Almost all branches were eligible.

1. First round was online test with 45 MCQs, MCQs were based on OOPs, DS, Time Complexity, DBS and Aptitude. Few students were directly moved to Interview round based on their resume, I was one of them.

2. Second round was Interview, this went really long for me around 75 minutes, my first question was write a code for factorials of extra-large numbers, it’s a very standard question and I was able to do it easily using arrays.
Factorial of a large number

Second they gave me a code to trace and ask what that code was doing, it was a code for finding x^y.
Finding x^y

Third they asked me to write code for finding kth largest number in an unsorted array, again very commonly asked question, I suggest two methods for doing it and the Interviewer seemed pretty convinced with both the methods.
Kth largest element

Then the Interviewer asked lot of question based on OOP like what is polymorphism, difference between overloading and overriding, etc. in a rapid fire manner, I explained all of them properly with examples, Interviewer seemed really impressed.

After this my Interviewer talked briefly about my Internships at GFG and IIT BHU, I answered all her questions satisfactorily.

3. After this round I was directly called for HR, most people had two technical interviews, I just had one. HR asked generic questions like tell me about yourself, your strengths, your weaknesses, biggest challenge you faced in your life and how you overcame them, etc. I answered them like a boss.

Hell yeah I was selected, practicing questions on GfG and interning here as a technical content writer made the whole selection process a cheesecake.

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