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Honeywell Interview Experience | Set 2 (On-Campus)

  • Last Updated : 22 Dec, 2017

Honeywell, Bangalore visited our campus for the role of software developer. The eligible departments were CSE, IT and ECE (both UG and PG)

Round 1 (HackerEarth challenge): There were three questions to be solved in three hours time. Easy – finding the GCD, medium – a dynamic programming problem, hard- a problem on string manipulation. Around 35 students were shortlisted for the next round.

Round 2 (Hackathon): Teams of 5 were made and a four hour hackathon was conducted. There were three topics – IoT for home automation (building the prototype), an application similar to the bookmyshow with some given constraints, and a Battleship game (any language can be used). One or two from each team were selected based on the coding skills, teamwork and the understanding of the application built for the next round.

Round 3 (PI): Questions on projects mentioned in the resume were asked and we were told to write a few programs based on string manipulation and data structures. There was no HR round. Finally, two students from PG were offered placement.

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