Honeywell Interview Experience | Set 1 (For EIE Stream Students)

I attended the HONEYWELL campusing on in JANUARY, it was a campusing only for EIE Stream, all TECHNO INDIA GROUP colleges were invited, it was held in TECHNO INDIA, RAGARHAT.

The campusing consisted of the following:

1. Written Test
2. Technical interview
3. Hr interview

The Written test consisted of 2 parts: technical knowledge and reasoning.

There were 40-50 technical questions, multiple choice of 1 mark each and 5-6 reasoning questions of 5 mark each.

The subjects on which the technical questions came from were


And no questions came from other subjects in the technical part. As for reasoning, all the questions came from previous question papers.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get through the Written Test.

As I heard, the technical questions mainly came PROCESS CONTROL especially PLC AND DCS.

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