Honeywell Interview Experience | On-Campus

Round 1: Online Test

This round consisted MCQs asked on a programming language selected by the candidate before. The questions focus on basics, file structures, syntax etc..Candidates who qualified round 1 were called for face to face interviews.

Round 2: Technical Interview

This is a face to face interview where basic programs were asked. Questions on pointers like why pointers are used?, How is memory allocated to pointers?, Types of memory allocations, Explain swapping elements with and without the use of pointers, global and local declarations etc..

Also puzzles like, , etc., were asked.

Candidates who cleared the technical round were called for HR interview.

Round 3: HR round

This was an easy and casual HR round . The questions were the casual ones.

Tell me about yourself.

Why Honeywell?

They asked if I was willing to relocate in future.

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