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Honeywell Interview Experience for Internship | On-campus 2020 drive

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  • Last Updated : 26 Sep, 2020
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Round 1:

This round consisted MCQs and two coding questions. MCQs were asked from CS fundamentals – I got questions regarding programming concepts like – fprinf(), fscanf() and their properties and so on. The coding questions were very basic but one needs to be quick to solve both the questions in given time frame. 

coding question 1 – Print all the prime numbers from 0 to 1000. Question 2 was regarding a standard arithmetic progression problem one which we see in CBSE class X math books. It was easy unless you know the concepts 😉

One needs to clear both the coding questions and solve maximum MCQs correct to qualify for further rounds.

Round 2:

This was regarding technical knowledge mainly focused on projects in the resume. I had shown my projects live (hosted). One can even provide link to the GitHub repo of the project to the interviewer. He then asked few basic questions from computer networks. Then he gave me to code a problem – Find the longest palindrome substring in a given string. { }. He was satisfied with my answer. At last he asked me “What happens if you hit a link in your browser ? “. I explained him the process chain that happens along with DNS lookup 😉

Round 3:

I got a mail saying that I had qualified for the HR round on the same day. Just 2 hours after my technical round got over. During the start of my HR interview, the interviewer made me feel comfortable. She then began my interview after a casual talk ;). She asked me –

“Tell me about yourself .”

“What is the probelm that you have solved in a very unusual way ?”

“How do you manage to resolve conflict of ideas within your team ?”

“What have you learnt during this COVID lockdown ?”

For all the questions I answered honestly, as luckily there were instances in my life for the above questions. 

Finally, she asked if I have any questions for her –  I asked few questions, for which she answered patiently.

I thanked her and cut my call. It was indeed a great experience from Honeywell team. Finally I got selected for the internship. Hope this helps and all the best 😉

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