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Honeywell Interview Experience for Graduate Engineer Trainee

Last Updated : 31 Dec, 2020
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Number of Rounds: 5

Application process: I applied for an opening in Honeywell through my college. The company was basically looking forward to hiring a few Graduate Engineer Trainees in the software/IT domain. My college’s placement cell applied on my behalf, keeping in mind my background, academics, and achievements.

Interview Rounds:

  • Aptitude test: I think every candidate with a degree in engineering and/or plain sciences can clear this round. Questions were pretty easy. Just prepare well, practice lots of exercises and you will shine through in this round.
  • Technical test: The questions were tricky, and not that easy to crack. While the aptitude round covered mathematics, this round was specific to my branch. Subjects spanned through topics like heat and mass transfer, heat transfer, process design and process control, and more.
  • Group discussion: My topic for the GD round was ‘Love Marriage versus Arranged Marriage’. Which one is Better? GD was quite good for our group and everyone was good but some are quite aggressive that was a bad point for GD. So, just keep calm and just stick to the topic. Speak less but it should have quality.
  • Technical interview(s): The interview was quick. Any graduate with clear fundamentals in data structures, arrays, and other such basic concepts of programming, can crack the same. Mine lasted for only about 20 minutes. I answered a few questions incorrectly and also apologized for the same at the end of the interview.
  • HR round: Questions were pretty generic and easy. But they tested my personality thoroughly with twisted situation-based questions.

Interview questions I faced in the HR round and how I answered them

  1. Introduce yourself– The first question I was asked was ‘Introduce yourself’.
  2. Technical question – Then I was asked a technical question on ‘Distillation Column design’. I also spoke about the various factors which affect the design of a distillation column.
  3. Situation-based question – In the HR Interview, I was asked a situation-based question as a stress-test. This was targeted to check my personality. Another question I was asked was ‘If you have to tell a blind mind that this is a yellow color, how will you describe it?’

For the interview to go in your way, prepare well for the very first question which is ‘Introduce yourself’.

My learnings from this placement interview experience”

The pattern followed by companies for selection is an aptitude test followed by a technical test and then a generic personal interview.

If you crack the aptitude test, you may be asked to appear for a GD round and then if you get selected, you have to attend a technical interview. Lastly, you will face an HR round. Basing your performance in the HR and technical interviews, you will be selected.

I will take you through which round I faced and what happened in them. So, let’s start with the Aptitude round.

Aptitude Round: As Honeywell was hiring for the position of a Designer, aptitude questions were constructed accordingly. My suggestion would be, prepare your basics well. But before appearing for any Company, go through the company’s profile. Analyze their sector and prepare relevant topics and subjects. For whatever company you are preparing, analyze its profile.

If you plan planning for Reliance Industries, then you need to be good both in General aptitude and technical as well, because they have rejected many people during interviews as they were lacking General awareness.

GD Round: In the GD round, the topic was quite familiar. So, it was not very difficult for us. I easily cleared it but some candidates showing aggressiveness got rejected.

HR interview Round: In the HR Interview, I was asked several situation-based questions to check my personality.

  1. The first question was obviously ‘Introduce yourself’. And then I was asked technical questions on the Distillation Column design and various factors affecting the design of the distillation column.
  2. Then questions on my project topic were asked. And finally, they asked me about my in-plant training.
  3. One question I was asked is that if you have to tell a blind mind that this is yellow color then how you will tell. And then they finally concluded my interview by asking ‘why do you want to join this company’? Since this is the first impression, try to make it look good.
  4. All other questions which are asked in the Interview are mostly related to the first question which you answered. In the HR, round you cannot predict what can ask. They can ask anything to check your personality.
  5. In the technical interview, I was confident that I will be selected. But in the HR round, I got trapped in one question. The HR said that I was quite intelligent with an aggregate of 80% and told me if I would crack GATE or got selected by another company, what would I do. I tried to sound convincing enough but I think I did not.

So, check by yourself and express clearly why you want to join their company. Thank you for reading my entry. I wrote everything for you to read and understand my Honeywell placement interview experience. Now it is up to you. Plan to catch up and prepare confidently. In case you feel something is not right in this post, let us know by commenting below.

All the best!

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