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Hitachi consulting GD and Interview
  • Last Updated : 08 Aug, 2018
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Well firstly you have to clear attitude round which contains aptitude logical and C, C++, DS, Hive, azure, Java, Stack.

2nd round is GD
I got a question about a desert survival
Where your plane crashes somewhere about 10Am In the morning and you have to prioritize 15 things accordingly. All you have to do is speak for 4-5 lines with perfection and get selected.

3rd round is technical interview
Where will asked about operating system, Networking well if you want to clear the technical round you have to prepare your resume in such way that the things you mention in your resume will be asked. Like If you mention DS then the first question will be graph so don’t mention the things you don’t know.

Last is HR in that they will mainly focus if you have done any managerial Task or not.

Thank you

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