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Hitachi Consultancy Interview Experience

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Hitachi consulting is a company where they want a person who is all rounder, not just a coder or a speaker. They want a person to be very good in communication skills as well as in coding.

Placement rounds:
1. Online test
It consists of 2 sections .
First Section , English + Aptitude (40 ques , 50 mins )
in english , questions were very simple -antonyms , synonyms , fill in the blanks and comprehensions .
In this , no practise is needed for fill in the blanks and passage just practise antonyms and synonyms because rest was easy.

in aptitude , it contained
Quant questions on boats and streams, speed and distance, area, volume, circles, pie chart, bar graph, hcf, lcm, profit loss, simple interest, clock and calendar.

Logical ques like sitting arrangement and to predict then next in the series.

Second Section , objective paper on technical basis
It included ques on c, c++ , dbms ,java thats all .

Out of around 1500 students , 90 students got selected

2. Group discussion
These 90 students were divided into 9 groups, and a test case was given for reading for 10 mins. Then we had to discuss about that situation. The situation given to us was that we are in a desert and have to find a place where there is habitat. We can take 15 things with us and the list of those 15 were given, we had to prioritize them to survive in that situation .
discussion was done according to this situation.

Out of these 10 students per group , only 3-4 per group is selected. But in most cases 3.

3. Technical interview

In this , their is no limit , they can ask you questions from c , c ++ , sql , basics , cg , cn , automata anything, Be prepared for this , as it is very tough to clear

Only 5 students cleared this round

4. HR Interview

Only 3 got selected out of these 5.

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Last Updated : 27 Oct, 2015
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