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Hitachi Consultancy Interview Experience | Set 3 (On Campus)

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Round 1:Online test(major elimination)

SureShot answer is the key point here, don’t try to attempt all, attempt only those with which you are fully confident because here correct answer marking is +1 and wrong answer marking is -2.

It consists of two section aptitude and technical

In aptitude part there will be quantitative problems, English grammatical questions, logical questions and also questions were there from HDFS(Hadoop File System).

In technical round there will be MCQ questions from :

Round 2: Case study based GD(major elimination)

They can give any case study topic. You will be given 10 minutes to read the cases and prepare your points then you will be called for the GD. In my case the GD topic was aeroplane crash survival in desert. Describing the cases as far as I remember.

It’s almost 10 am in the morning. Your aero-plane has crashed before reaching the destination. The pilot could not inform the higher authority about any malfunction in the plane, so nobody right now is aware of this accident. The last talk your pilot had was when the plane was 115 km way from the destination situated in the north-west direction. After the crash both pilot and co-pilot are dead and the plane is burning in frames. Luckily you and all your co-passengers are alive and totally safe till now. You all are in summer dresses wearing socks and sports shoes. Now you have 15 things and you have to rank them accordingly to make great use of them and help your co-passengers and yourself to reach the destination safely. The item list is given below:

  1. folded knife
  2. sectional air map
  3. compass
  4. cosmetic mirror
  5. parachute cloth
  6. rain coat
  7. warm coat
  8. 5 mm pistol
  9. 1 litter water per person
  10. 300 ml alcohol
  11. flashlight
  12. medical kit
  13. 1000 salt tablets
  14. book for editable animals there

the last one i don’t remember now.

Anyway do have some practice over case study based GD.

Round 3: Technical interview(major elimination)
Here, they will throw questions at you from every aspect C, C++, SQL, automata, DS and they will ask you about your project works too(if any).

Round 4: HR interview
This is a minor elimination round. Generally 70% candidates from the previous technical round get selected for the job.

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Last Updated : 28 Mar, 2023
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