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Hitachi Consultancy Interview Experience | Set 2

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First round was written round having 110 question and allotted time was 105 minutes 60 aptitude questions and 50 technical questions. There is negative marking too +1 and -2 for the wrong answer .

After that out of 700 they short list some 93 students.

Second Round
After that there is GD round which is based on a case study they gave us 10min time before the gd so that we can make some points on the case study . After that they took GD for 15 minutes they basically focus on communication skills only.
Out of every group of 10 they short list 4-5 from each. After that there is one technical interview and one hr round. They just ask basics not tough. In hr, they focus communication as they come for consultant profile.

Package offered 4.5 ctc+ 1 lpa joining bonus and no service agreement. Only thing they look for is communication only nothing else is you are good speaker than you are done.

Finally they selected 10 students from our college.

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Last Updated : 28 Jun, 2021
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