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Bharti SoftBank (Hike) Interview Experience | Set 7 (For Automation Testing/Manual Testing)

Last Updated : 02 Sep, 2019
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Profile: Automation Testing/Manual Testing

Process: Written Test (90 Minutes) + 2 Technical Interviews.

Round 1 (Written Test)
It consists of 50 questions (including 2 programming questions, mandatory for Automation Testing). For Manual Testing, test case were to be written for an Instant Messaging app like hike/whatsapp.

Section 1- General Aptitude/Logical

Section 2- Software Knowledge (Questions like latest version of iOS, Windows, Android. Operating Systems etc)

Section 3- Database and Linux

Section 4- Computer Programming (Output questions of java/c/c++, generic questions related to programming)

Coding Question 1:
Given a string of parentheses, write a program to find whether its valid or not.

input: {{{}}}
output: Valid

input: }{}{}{}}
output: Invalid

Coding Question 2:
Given ‘m’ number of small bricks (each x inches long) and ‘n’ big bricks (each y inches long), we want to create row which is z inches long using combination of small and big bricks. Write a program to verify whether it is possible to create such row of bricks or not.
Note: Solution Mx + Ny = z is not recommended.


input: We have 4(m) small bricks each 3 inches(x) long and 3(n) big bricks each 4 inches(y) long. We need to create row which is 14(z) inches long.
output: Yes

input: We have 2(m) small bricks each 2 inches(x) long and 2(n) big bricks each 5 inches(y) long. We need to create row which is 6(z) inches long.
output: No (no combination of bricks will make wall which is 6 inches long).

For automation testing- Programming question like
Convert a binary tree into its mirror.
Reversing a linked list.
Database Queries etc. were asked.

Solution Q1:

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
int main()
    char str[20];
    int i=0;
    printf("Enter String: ");
    int count=0;
    while (str[i]!='\0')
        if (str[i]=='}')
        if (str[i]=='{')
        if (count<0)
    if (count==0)
    return 0;

Solution Q2:

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
int main()
    int m,x,n,y,z;
    int small=0, large=0, sum=0;
    cout << "Enter values : ";
    cin >> m >> x >> n >> y >> z;
    int i=0,j=0,flag=0;
    for (i=0; i<m; i++)
        for (j=0; j<=n; j++)
            if (sum>z)
            if (sum==z)
                cout<<"\nYes. Combination Possible";
    if (flag==0)
        cout<<"\nNo. Not possible";
    return 0;

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