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Bharti SoftBank (Hike) Interview Experience | Set 6

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  • Last Updated : 15 Jul, 2017

Hi, Recently I was interviewed by Hike. I have 4 years of experience.

Round 1
Machine Coding round to create an android application to take pictures from and upload to a server.
Designing , thread safety and performance was evaluated

Round 2
1.Given a sorted array of m size with m elements
and another sorted array of m+n size with n elements starting from the 0th index .
Merge these two arrays in linear time without using extra space

Round 3
questions on hashmap working ,concurrent hashmap and Collections.synchronize

Round 4
How to analyze usage history of a application
Reverse alternate levels of a binary tree

Round 5
Designing a LRU Cache which is thread safe and can be scaled
Designing a file sharing mechanism between two users .
Concepts of distributed systems were asked.

I thank geeksforgeeks which helped a lot in my preparation.

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