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Hexaware Technologies Ltd. Interview Experience (On-Campus) 2022

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  • Last Updated : 16 Jun, 2022
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Hexaware Technologies Ltd. conducted the recruitment drive for the 2022 batch.

  • Eligible Branches: CSE/IT/ECE/EE (2022 Batch)

  • Job Profile: Graduate Engineer Trainee(GET)

  • Recruitment Process (drive conducted in November 2021): 63 students appeared for the drive

Round 1: Online Aptitude Test (30 mins) + Tech Domain Test (45 mins) – 75 mins: It was conducted on the Superset platform. It was an elimination round.

Round 2: Communication Test – 60 mins: It was conducted on the Mettl platform. It contains questions that check pronunciation, vocabulary, etc, and contains impromptu-type questions. It was an elimination round. 17 students were shortlisted for the technical interview.

Round 3: Technical Interview – 30 mins: It was conducted on the Superset platform.

1. Introduce yourself
2. Tell me something about your hometown (told about Agra, Uttar Pradesh).
3. Do you read books or watch movies? (Told read books)
4. Which is your favorite book?
5. Tell the story of the book you have read. (told about The 3 Mistakes of My Life written by Chetan Bhagat)
6. Which is your favorite subject? (told DBMS)
7. Are you familiar with a programming language? (told Core Java)
8. What are Database languages?
9. What is the use of the primary key?
10. What is Data Encapsulation?
11. What is Data Abstraction?
12. What is the use of the Super keyword in Java?
13. What is the use of the final keyword in Java?
14. What are the properties of java?
15. What is the local variable and instance variable?
16. What is Method overloading?
17. Write a program to find the maximum element from 3 numbers.
18. Write a program to reverse a number (compiled on onlinegdb compiler)

10 students were shortlisted for HR Round.

4. Round 4: HR Discussion – 15 mins

It was conducted on the Superset platform.

1. How are you?
2. First of all congratulations on being selected for the HR round. Is this your first HR round?
3. Do you know about the Service Agreement and CTC of the company?
4. Tell me something not mentioned in your resume.
5. Why did you have chosen Hexaware when you are already selected in Wipro?

9 students were selected in Hexaware Technologies Ltd. including me.

Selected students in the drive were eligible for PGET Upgradation Process

Additional Rounds:

1. Coding Test Round – 60 mins
2. Management Committee (MC) Interview Round

1 student was selected for PGET Upgradation Process.

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