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Hexaware Technologies Interview Experience

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  • Last Updated : 21 Dec, 2020

This was the first time that Hexaware technologies were conducting its selection process in the North. It was for the position for PGET and the joining location was Chennai with a bond of 3 years. The selection process took place on our campus in GEU, Dehradun and it was a two-day process(9-10 October 2019).

Round 1(Online test): There were 2 sections.

  1. Aptitude + Reasoning, the questions were easy in this round.
  2. Domain-based questions, Data Structure, Networking.

Based on your combined score in both sections, you can get selected in this round.

Round 2(Coding Test): It actually took place in 2 groups. I was in the first group, and we had to do 2 questions in 60 mins and they were quite easy if you’ve basic knowledge of programming. But the questions of the second group were a bit tough and were based on sorting algorithms.

Round 3(Listening, Reading, Writing, and speaking): It was conducted on the software installed on a few computers and laptops. It was an hour-long test. Basically, it tested our ability to speak, write, and read the English language. To be able to sit for further rounds a minimum of 58% was to be achieved.

Round 4(Behavioral Test): It wasn’t an elimination round but questions were asked in the HR round based on this test.

Round 5(Technical Interview-1): The interviewer asked me for my introduction. I mentioned my projects then he asked questions related to my project.

  1. Why did you use Tensorflow and not Keras?
  2. Why did you choose this project?
  3. What was the accuracy achieved and how could you make it better.
  4. Questions related to other projects

Next, he started asking me questions about the domain

  1. Gave me questions and asked me to write codes in Java. (and was questioning why I wrote that)
  2. Write code for JDBC connectivity
  3. MySQL queries related to join cross join, etc
  4. What are the layers of OSI model, their functionalities, how is data transferred, other network related questions
  5. Some basics of C/C++, OOPS concept, virtual function, friend function
  6. Operating system basics

It lasted for 30-40 mins approx. I was able to clear this round

Round 6(Technical Interview-2): It was more based on modern technology knowledge. And clearly if you don’t know the answer to any question just politely tell the interviewer about it. 

  1. He asked me about the technology I’m interested in.
  2. A few questions about my project.
  3. Bitcoins and new emerging technologies. It was more of a discussion at this point

I was able to clear this round as well

Round 7(HR Interview): We all were exhausted at this time because it was 1:00 am. He firmly said that “you know this is not an elimination round so don’t hesitate to answer”. 

  1. Questions related to answers marked by me in the behavioral test.
  2. My hobbies and I mentioned my public journal so asked me questions related to that. 
  3. What are your future plans related to further studies?
  4. Do you have any Location constraints?

It lasted for 30 mins. The process was over then.

We got our results in a week, and I was selected. Always remember to be thorough with the concepts and be honest, if you don’t know the answer say no instead of trying to fool them.

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