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Hexaview Technologies Interview Experience (Off-Campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 11 Oct, 2021
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I was interviewed with Hexaview Technologies. I asked HR of the company for the referral and after 2 weeks she finally replied after analyzing my resume that I will be informed via mail about Coding Assessment Test. After two days Coding Round was conducted on Skype.

Round 1: Coding Assessment Test

Questions asked in this round are listed below-

  2. Find the middle word from the given sentence (In the case of an even number of words in a sentence print the word with maximum length out of two middle words).

After the coding round, I got the call from HR that I have been selected for the next rounds of Technical Interviews

Round 2: Technical Round 1

Questions asked in this round are listed below-

  • Give a brief introduction about yourself.
  • Asked about the major projects.
  • What is object-oriented programming and why it is used?
  • What are four pillars of object-oriented programming?
  • Give real-world examples where Abstraction, Polymorphism, Inheritance, and Encapsulation can be used.
  • Difference between Errors and Exceptions.
  • Difference between Method Overloading and Method Overriding.
  • Can the Main method be overloaded?
  • What is HashMap?
  • How will you store phone numbers using HashMap if some of the names in contacts are the same?
  • Live Coding (Using any IDE): Reverse a given sentence.
  • What are select, update, insert and delete commands in SQL?
  • What is the primary key?
  • What is a foreign key?
  • What is a view in the database?
  • At last as usual “Have you any question for me”?

After the first round of technical interviews, I got a call from HR for the Second Round of interviews.

Round 3: Technical Round 2

Question asked in this round are listed below-

After the Second round of interviews, I got the message from HR on Skype that my third round of interviews will be in the evening.

Round 4: Technical Round 3

Questions asked in this round are listed below-

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • Go through your best project.
  • What are the differences between Is-A relationship and Has-A relationship?
  • Difference between Abstraction and Encapsulation.
  • Difference between Abstract Class and Interface.
  • Difference between throws and throws.
  • What is stack and queue with real-life examples?
  • Difference between a queue and de queue.
  • What is a priority queue?
  • Difference between binary tree and binary search tree.
  • Draw a binary search tree.
  • What is a circular linked list?
  • Insert a node at a particular position in the doubly linked list.
  • Write code for InOrder, PreOrder, and PostOrder traversal of Binary Tree.
  • Find the middle node in a circular linked list.
  • Difference between Delete and Truncate command.
  • What are aggregate commands in SQL?
  • Which SQL command will you use to find a pattern from the given text?
  • Write SQL query to find the minimum salary of employees from each department.
  • What is a trigger in SQL?
  • What are ACID Properties?
  • Any questions for me.

After this round, I got a call from HR for HR Round.

Round 5: HR Round

  • Started with introductions and some behavioral questions.
  • About family members.
  • About role and responsibilities.
  • Strength and Weakness.
  • Where do you see yourself after five years?
  • Some Situation based questions.
  • Any questions for me.

Verdict: Selected.

Tips :

  • Go through the easy to medium level puzzles on geeks for geeks.
  • Develop the habit of explaining things with real-world examples.
  • Keep brushing up things related to DSA, OOPs, DBMS and SQL.
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