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HCL Technologies Interview Experience

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Position: GET(Graduate Engineer Trainee) at HCL Technologies

Location: PAN India

Date: July 2020

Rounds: 2 Rounds(Technical +HR)

Type: Off-Campus

Result : Selected

Platform Used: Microsoft Meet

First of all I got the call from campus recruiter ,asking for the details and giving interview time slot.  

Interview Round 1(Technical): (30-45 Min)

Question Asked:

1. Tell Me About Yourself ?

2. Past Experience and Project Details ?

3. How to handle exceptions in web application using PHP ?

 Ans:-Exception Handling in PHP

4. Reverse a String in any language?

Ans : Reverse a String

5. What is Static and class can be static , if it is then what is Static Class ?

6. Can Constructor can be private ?

7.  What is Constructor?

8.What is Overloading and Overriding?

9. How many try block can be made while handling exception ?

10. What is Abstraction?

11.What is Cyber Security and Cryptography ?

12.What is Symmetric and Asymmetric Cryptography ?

13. Explain AES,DES,RSA?

14. Port Number of Protocol of TCP/IP Model

Interview Round 2(HR): (15-30 Min)

Question Asked:

1. Tell Me About Your Self ?

2.Tell me about Native Place ?

3. Can You Relocate Any Where in India ?

4. Can you work in shifts ? 

5. Why you want to choice HCL Technologies ?


 Tips :

i. Just Clear your concept very well and research about company before going to Interview.

ii. You Should have good bandwidth of Internet. 

Last Updated : 21 Jul, 2020
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