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HCL Interview Experience
  • Last Updated : 19 Aug, 2020

I have 3 years of experienced C++ developer. So, I have attended HCL interview for the C++ developer role.

There were three rounds for 

  1. Telephonic Basic round.
  2. Technical
  3. HR

Telephonic Basic round: In the telephonic round, the question was asked about  

  1. Past project details
  2. How we have used C++ concepts like polymorphism, overloading in our project
  3. What are the biggest challenge faced / issue resolved at your current project and a little discussion about the same

Technical: In the technical round, I was asked about c++ topics like

  • Linked list programming questions.

    1. Reverse a linked list  
    2. Delete a node in a single linked list when the head node is given
    3. The bit manipulations based program
    4. The string question- to print all subsequences
  • Smart pointers and code to explain the same

  • Dangling pointer and memory leak questions

HR: In HR round, the discussion was mostly related to package and role-related stuff.

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