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HCL Interview Experience (Off-Campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 11 Nov, 2020
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Round 1(Online Test): I applied for the HCL recruitment off-campus on their website and received a mail regarding the HCL test on hackerrank. The test was moderate and was for 95 mins considering of lot of sections including:

  1. Aptitude: Aptitude and verbal can be practiced here indiabix and Prepinsta. For general knowledge and the direct structure of language, we can look for indiabix.mcqs, in oops MCQs were mainly implementation based and knowing about classes and interfaces OOPS JavatPoint. The DBMS SQL question was based on keys, ER diagrams, TCL, DDL, and normalization and conceptual schema, and knowledge of relational algebra and joins.
  2. Verbal logical
  3. 2 Coding question: The coding was moderately tough was on the character matrix and it included 20 test cases checking on all parameters like edge cases of the null matrix, word length greater than row or column, repeating of words, one character words, and optimization in both time and space. Question: 
  4. 1 SQL query
  5. 7 MCQs on general knowledge(language and pre c evolution, ram) SQL DBMS and OOPS on each of them. The SQL query in my case was easy we have to return the distinct employee id arranged in ascending order by name. Others got tough by using joins and then avg of salary.

Technical Interview: I got the mail after 3 days that my profile has been shortlisted and thus we have sent documents and then the virtual interview was conducted on Microsoft Teams. First, she asked for the introduction and functionality of my projects. Project-related questions on jquery extension file. The algorithm used for pivoting tables and CSS positioning and alignment. Then to check your problem solving and analytical ability skills puzzles which can be practiced here. The gfg puzzles and approaches for it similarly if you have to code it. Then she asked questions on oops which languages n which we can overload function both, c or c++?. Scope resolution operator and how friends and virtual functions are different. Then language-specific questions in c malloc vs calloc, the return type of scanf, and printf. struct vs class. java questions why is it platform-independent, string pool, and multiple inheritances.

Then DSA questions:

  1. Reverse a linked list
  2. Given a string, find its first non-repeating character
  3. Largest Sum Contiguous Subarray

Then questions on worst and average case analysis of sorting and tree traversals type. 

Note: Service agreement for 2 yrs and 1.5yrs probation period

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