Hawk-Eye Technology

Hawk-Eye is the most ultra-modern tool employed in any sport. Hawk-Eye first made its name in Cricket Television broadcast, yet the brand has multiform into Tennis, Snooker and Coaching. It is currently developing a system for Football. Hawk-Eye is the only ball-tracking device to have passed stringent ITF testing measures.

Hawk-Eye’s Cricket System was utilized by broadcasters at the 2006 ICC Champions Trophy held in India, the World cup and have been present at major Test and ODI series around the world since 2001. Hawk-Eye provides a distinctive blend of innovation, experience and accuracy that has revolutionized the sporting world.
It is accurate, modern, practical and genuine.

Hawk-Eye is the name of a line calling system which trace a ball’s trajectory and sends is a virtual reality machine.

How does Hawk-Eye work :
Hawk-Eye uses 6 high-speed expert vision processing cameras which are located round the ground and calibrated. In inclusion, the system uses the two “Mat” broadcast cameras and calibrates them so that the visual is often always overlaid within the right place.

All cameras have “anti-wobble” software to deal with camera motion. When a ball is bowled, the system is in a position to automatically identify and find the ball within each and every frame of video from each camera. By combining the positions of the ball in each of the camera frames, the 3d and 4d positioning of the ball is measured through-out the delivery. The delivery is broken down into two independent components: delivery to bounce and bounce to impact. By measuring the position of the ball at multiple frames the speed, direction of travel, post and pre bounce, swing and dip are often can be calculated for that specific delivery. No inherent characteristics of the pitch are required as part of the system apart from deliveries which hit the batsman on the full. Using these measured characteristics of the ball’s flight up to impact, the future path is forecasted.

Examples of Hawk-Eye statistics include:

  • LBWs
  • Wagon Wheels
  • DeSpin
  • Pitch Maps
  • Beehives
  • RailCam
  • Reaction Time
  • Ball Speeds

The Hawk-Eye System comprises of two main elements: a Tracking System and a Video Replay System. The Video Replay System offers the optional component of a high-speed and accurate camera, which might provide more in-depth biomechanical analysis and interpretation.

Use in computer games :
The use of the Hawk-Eye mark and simulation has been licensed to Codemasters to be used within the video game Brian Lara International Cricket 2005 to create the sport appear more like original TV coverage, and subsequently in Brian Lara International Cricket 2007, Ashes Cricket 2009 and International Cricket 2010.

Advantages :

  1. It is accurate, genuine, reliable and practical: now everyone in every sporting event expects and demand it to be a part.
  2. Hawk-Eye offers an eccentric blend of experience, innovation and accuracy that as revolutionized the sporting world.
  3. Hawk-Eye is much accurate and precise than the Human Eye.

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