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HashedIn Technologies Interview Experience | Set (On-Campus)
  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 18 Sep, 2017

It’s a complete 2 days procedure:-

1st day
It will start with a pre-placement talk in which they will explain about what company does, job profile and stuff.
This will be followed by a written subjective test which will be completely technical in nature. They mainly focus on data structure and design and analysis of algorithms.
Time and space complexity of given code.
output of a given code
1 OS question related time of the process
and one graph based question in which you are supposed to find shortest path
3 programming questions

Out of 539 student they shortlisted only 20 students for interview.
In the written test main focus is on programming questions as they want hardcore coders. So, if u have attempted 2 out of three coding questions decently then you will be shortlisted for further round.

2nd day
1. technical round ( your performance in technical round will decide whether you will have 2 technical rounds or just one )
2. HR
This company works with all new technologies and new languages like Python, MongoDB, Java etc hence you need really good programming skill for cracking its interview.

It visited my college recently. I am waiting for my Result.

I am hereby attaching questions from written test as i remember

Best wishes to all awesome geeks

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