HashedIn Technologies Interview Experience (Off-campus)

So, this is an overview of all the rounds in HashedIn off campus selection drive.

Round 1:This is the 1st technical round and it is an easy one.

    • So the first question was to find the missing numbers from the given set of n elements. It’s an easy one so i am not going to give solution for this.
    • next was a string matching question, there are 2 strings s and s’ we have to check if s’ is a sub string of s, but no libraries of any languages are allowed for your help.
    • so the next questions were related to your language profession, as i am a java guy so my questions are related to java. For ex- what is “jvm” how  it help in compiling of code?, what is string pool?, what is deep and shallow copy?, what is demon thread?, Tell some ide’s for java?
    • Other languages preferred along with java for me its c++ and python then some basic questions related to both of them like oops concept and pointers and references.

Round 2: This is the 2nd technical round and it is based on the system design or you can say its an MR round too

    • so the first question was which data structure u will prefer to design a lift system. ya u heard it right i also don”t get it in one go.
      SOLUTION– i gave is priority queue but the actual answer is a set. we put all the pressed buttons in the set and check the set every time a floor is visited.
    • the next question is if there are n buildings and each building has k floors and each floor has m flats. so if there is some electric fault in any flat which ds u will use to find it in minimum time.
      SOLUTION-for that is Map where key can be building no and value can be array list of pairs of floors and flat no.
    • next is a quiz question where there are 8 balls and 1 defective ball and other 7 have same weight. u have to find the defective ball in minimum no of attempts.
    • two sand clocks are given small one measure 4 minutes and big one measure exactly 7 minutes. your task is to find minimum time you will take to measure exactly 9 minutes.

Round 3:This is the 3rd and final  technical round.

    • The first question is the projects that you have done in your college life. Languages and technologies u have used in project. Some basic Question related to technology stack. Deep in your project working advantages, business model feasibility.
    • Now that’s the toughest question in the whole three rounds. print the no of cousins on each level.
      • like in the given fig a m-way tree is given which has different nodes on each level, so we have to print the no. of cousins on each level, on level 1 each node has 0 cousins so there are total 0 cousins for 3 nodes.
      • on the next level first 2 are siblings not cousins because they have same parent, so for first 2 nodes there are 4 cousins, for next 3 nodes there are 3 cousins for each node and for last node 5 cousins are there, so we have to print 4+4+3+3+3+5=22. and continue further for each level.
      • SOLUTION-so what i used in this is level order traversal and count of each level. on each level count the children for each parents and maintain some ds or formula according to u where u can use them when last node of that level is traversed.
      • if someone found a better solution for this please share in comment.

Round 4:This is HR round.

    • It is an telephonic conversation with the hr about personal interest and whether u like to join the company or not.

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