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Hashedin Technologies Interview Experience (Intern+FTE) | Off-Campus 2021

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Difficulty Level: Medium

Online Test: Online Test Duration: 1 Hr 15 Min, Test Pattern: 3 Programming Questions (easy – medium – hard)

Test Platform: Otomeyt  

  1. A story-based question was given, which can be easily done by maintaining an array.
  2. Delete a Node From the Middle of the Circular Linked List till the list becomes empty. (
  3. I would say this one was a tricky question based on Infix Evaluation. (PS: I don’t remember the exact question).

I Solved 2 Programming Questions Completely and got Selected for the Interview Process.

Technical Round 1(1 hour): Begin with my Introduction.

  1. Asked me the Programming Language I am Comfortable in.
  2. What I know about OOPS, While answering this I told him about Abstraction, Encapsulation, Polyphormism, Inheritance. Then he asked me to write code for these four Concepts.
  3. Advantages and Disadvantages Of LinkedList over Array in detail.(Searching,Deletion,Addition etc)
  4. Tip: Learning Differences is not enough you should have your Concepts Crystal Clear.

    Now, He asked me 3 Coding Questions (First Approach and then told me to write code).

  5. Merge two Sorted Linked List (
  6. How to find if there is a Cycle in a Linked List and return the first node of the loop. (
  7. Given a Grid and a Point (X, Y) in that Grid. You are at Origin and have to find the minimum Distance Path to reach that point. You can travel Horizontally, Vertically, and Diagonally from a given cell (Dynamic Programming,

    Technical Round 2 (1 hour):

  1. Interviewer Asked about my favorite Subject(Data Structures). Then he asked Why not DBMS is my Favorite Subject.
  2. Design Snake and Ladder Game
    Given: Snakes initial and Final Position.
    Ladders initial and Final Position.
    Dice numbered from 1-6.
    P players and N numbers of Game Board. 
    I have to return which Player will win this game.
  3. Projects & Resume:

  4. Asked me about my projects and which technologies I have used.
  5. Asked Project Related Questions.
  6. When to choose MySQL and MongoDB Database in a Project.
  7. The difference in Horizontal and Vertical Scaling in Databases.
  8. What are Servers(in Detail)?
  9. Some Questions On java (Name the Parent class of all classes in java etc)  
  10. Asked me if I have worked On Threads.

Tip: The interviewer was Framing questions from my previous Answer so You should be aware of Whatever you are answering to the Interviewer.  

NOTE: They take Technical Round 3 of a candidate if the panel Suggests.

Hiring Fitment Round (30 Minutes):

  1. The round began with my and the interviewer’s introduction.
  2. Family Background (any sibling etc).
  3. Strength and Weaknesses.
  4. What do I know about HashedIn?
  5. Why do you want to join HashedIn?
  6. Asked if I have any other offers in hand.
  7. Comfortable with reallocation or not etc.
  8. I asked the interviewer a few Questions about Hashedin University(Training Bootcamp).

Verdict – Selected!

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Last Updated : 02 Mar, 2021
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