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HashedIn Technologies Interview Experience (Intern + FTE) | On-Campus Nov 2020

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HashedIn Technologies visited BIT Mesra in November 2020(virtually). They conducted 4 rounds in total (Coding, Technical – 1, Technical – 2, Cultural).

Round 1 (Coding Test):

This round was held on their own platform. The test was proctored and consisted of 3 questions. Duration of the test was 60 minutes.

1. Modification of

2. You are given array A of size N where A[i] is the number of candies of ith type you have. You can satisfy a student by giving her N-1 candies of different types. What is the maximum number of students you can satisfy by distributing the candies optimally.

Input – 4

           1 2 3 4

Output – 3

3. You are given 4 integers A,B,C and K. You will have to remove all the multiples of A,B,C from the number line starting from 2. Output must be Kth element from the number line that gets removed. Your task is to remove those numbers from the number line which are multiples of either A,B,C and print the Kth removed number. Removal of number will start from 1.

I was able to solve two questions with optimized solution and one with a naïve approach. 

Out of 40 students who applied only 6 students were selected for the interview rounds.

Round 2 (Technical Interview -1):

The interview started with a basic introduction. They asked a few questions based on the projects which I did. Then they shared a google doc where I was supposed to write my responses.

Few python programming questions were-  

1. Difference between list and tuple.

2. What are decorators?

3. Explain list comprehension.

They asked me questions based on programming and DSA. A few of them are –

1.Sort an array of 0s,1s and 2s. I was supposed to solve it using different approaches and the one which the interviewer was expecting was Dutch National Flag algorithm.

2. Given a nested dictionary, perform inversion of keys i.e. innermost nested becomes outermost vice versa.

3. Given a postorder and inorder traversal. Find the preorder traversal.

4. Merge a linked list into another linked list at alternate positions.

I was not able to optimize my solution in a couple of problems and hence I was not able to make it to the next technical round.

Last Updated : 10 Feb, 2021
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