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Hashedin Technologies Interview Experience

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At Bangalore office in Aug 2019

Written test

It was a 90 mins written test. Each candidate is provided with a booklet that contains coding questions. This is not a computer based test you have to write your code on paper. The booklet contains two parts:

Part-1 has questions such as complexity analysis, Hashing techniques like they’ll provide a hash table along with input data you need to write no of collisions occurred while inserting the given data, they also asked some algorithms such as converting a binary search tree into doubly linked list and some moderate data structure questions like build a binary tree from given inorder and postorder traversals.

Part-2  contains three coding questions. The questions given to me were 1) you are provided an array and you need to group adjacent elements and form the maximum pair at the end. Grouping means mean of adjacent elements. 2) This is a graph flow question where you need to find the maximum no of people can travel from source to destination in the graph that contains edges. Edge represents maximum number of people can travel through that edge at a time. 3) There are some matches happening and you need to predict the winner . Number of matches will be 2^n. Each player has some power and after every match the power decreases based on the opponents power by some rate. The rate is mentioned in the question and at the end you should return the winner with the power left. I solved this question using recursion.

The candidates who solved atleast 2 questions and did fair enough in part-1 are selected for the f2f interviews. Out of 25 students appeared only 6 are able to clear this round. Key is to manage time well. Don’t concentrate on the things which are unknown. for example – I didn’t solve the flow question rather I tried to solve remaining two questions efficiently. And again the efficiency is the key after writing code you need to analyze the time and space complexity of the code that you wrote on the paper and attach the rough sheets where you deduced your logic to solve that problem.

Technical Round 1

There were two interviewers and they have a sheet that contains some algorithms and data structure questions and it is attached with your resume. The interviewers are friendly and from the same age group . They made me feel comfortable initially by asking questions with less difficulty such as a pattern question. They asked to write the code and made me to walk through the code. After that they asked the questions from the sheet they have they asked some array questions which could be solved in some exponential time and asked me to reduce the complexity . so, here is the pattern they ask a question and you explain various approaches and if they feel that solution is appropriate they ask you to write code. And they write the complexity of the algorithm in the sheet they have which is carried till the hr round.

Questions asked were:

  1. Find all the pairs in the array with given sum k.
  2. Find the row with maximum number of ones in the binary matrix . Each row of the matrix is already sorted.
  3. Design a snake and ladder game. (key is to choose efficient data structure).
  4. They asked about projects in my resume.

This round went for 30 to 40 mins. All 6 students were qualified to next round.

Technical Round 2

This round is the extension for the first round. They asked me to optimize the solutions I provided in the first round further more.Again same pattern follows come up with an approach write code and explain to them each line. After they asked questions based on trees like spiral order traversal and other questions I don’t remember 🙂

This round went for an hour . Only 4 students were able to clear this round.

Technical Round 3

This round is again a data structure round. He asked questions related to trees and linkedlists. He went through my resume and asked about projects and MISSION RND(Summer camp I attended at IIIT HYD).  After these questions he asked me a question I should come up with an efficient data structure. The question is – there is a file that contains words (around some million words) I need to find the anagrams of the given word. So, I used trie data structure and explained the representation of the data. He asked me to write the structure for the trie (He was impressed with my approach and that’s it no more questions).

HR Round 

Out of 4 students 2 were selected for software engineer role and other 2 were selected as junior software engineer. In this round hr explained about the work, culture, ctc and other benefits at hashedIn. Overall It was a good experience and the work environment is good. I had a good time with free lunch and snacks at the office 🙂


Last Updated : 09 Dec, 2019
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