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Hashedin Pool Campus Interview

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 16 Sep, 2018
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Yesterday(15 september 2018) Hashedin visited our college and there were 800 students presents for Hashedin process as it was a POOL campus drive so generally 2-3 college are invited but for hashedin the number went to 11-12 colleges, each college sent their best students making it a total of 800 students approx.


So in the morning we were given presentation, and that presentation was lit, you will fall in love with hashedin.

Then, a written test of 90 mins was to be conducted.Students were seated all around our college, and each member from HASHEDIN team was their to invigilate, and yess let me tell you one thing, every member of their team was technically sound and you just can’t fool them. Even during presentation they told so many times that YOU CAN LEAVE IF YOU DON’T KNOW HOW TO CODE, which meant that their hiring was properly based on Hardcore Coding skills.

Round 1: The written Test:-

It consisted of two sections A&B, Section A was easy, it consisted of OUTPUT question, AVL tree question, DBMS joins question, OS Processing Scheduling question, and one Tree Building problem.

But section B consisted of 3 programming question that were EASY, MEDIUM and DIFFICULT and yess all of these problems must have been solved you once if you are hardcore coder and practice regularly on Geeksforgeeks.

And for me Section B’s first two question was not that much time taking, but the 3rd question took whole 50 mins, as I had solved that problem once but forgot the approach and had to develop a whole new approach to do that.

Then after a anxious wait of 5 hours(which is justified as they were to check 800 copies), results came and only 12 candidates were selected out of 800, and I was one of them and my whole group was selected and that was great feeling as everyone in our college was expecting our group to get qualifies and we did it.

Round 2:Technical 1 & Technical 2

Here came Technical 1 round,

First, I was asked my projects(not detailed but just overview like how to deploy it, what tech you have used etc.) and

then came actual technical questions  and the interviewer grilled me to hell, means that was the first time I was trying to get hard on a problem but just can’t find the solution, he was friendly enough and was giving me hints, and was continuously asking me optimize my code even further, and through only 2 questions he tested my whole Data Structures and Algorithms knowledge by asking what are you think, what should we use, why not set or hashmap(I code in C++), time complexity of each data structure and how can we optimize that.

And yess the question were on EXTERNAL SORTING and one easy MIN STACK using ONE STACK, but since I haven’t done any of the problems before it was a long round discussing on these two problems only.

My interview was of 90 minutes. And then I was not sure that I would be selected for next round, and then came the list and they rejected 3 candidates .

Now only 9 were remaining.

Then Technical round 2 happened,


They asked me about my knowledge in CORE SUBJECTS, I told them I am a competitive programmer, I have knowledge of these subjects like OS, DBMS but haven’t implemented them practically till now.The interview was like OKK.

He then asked me to design a system for ERP(for Online Attendance System). And he was quite satisfied with my answer.

Hen then asked me one puzzle, I told him that I already knew that puzzle, then he changed it and asked me another one which was this:- Given three rectangles in a plane, how you would find whether they are intersecting or not, I told him about about using slopes of all the sides, if line are not parallel then they must be intersecting, we can just compare the slopes of each triangle and get the answer, he was satisfied with my answer.

He then asked some OS concepts like Semaphores and Fork function.

Then he created a scenario in c++ and yess you can easily guess, that was DIAMOND PROBLEM and we discussed on it for 10-15 mins like what is the actual problem, how virtual removes it(VTABLE and VPTR), why Java doesn’t allow this, if it is a problem then why C++ doesn’t remove Multiple Inhertiance etc. It was great.

Then he asked for any further questions for that I asked about key responsibilites at Hashedin.

Round 3:

Only 3 Candidates were called one by one for HR round, and common questions were asked, why should we hire you, why hashedin, what are my expectations from hashedin etc.

Then came the results and we 3 were selected, from which 2 were from my group and unfortunately my other group members can’t make it.

That was very long prcoess after a long day.

My Advice- Sit in the interview process only if you are confident for your coding skills as the whole interview will revolve around that only otherwise just go home and practice aptitude for MNC’s.


Sorry for my English, it’s still under development.

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