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Hashedin Interview Experience | On-Campus

  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 13 Sep, 2021

Round 1: Coding Assessment

Hashedln visited my campus or let’s just say it was a pool campus drive, the first round was a coding assessment there was 1 coding round with 3 questions depending on the difficulty you had to do it within 2 hours or 1 hour 30 mins, The questions were Easy to Hard.

Round 2:Technical Round 1

There were around 56 students who got shortlisted and the time we had to prepare was very less so it’s better to be prepared with everything prior to these rounds, after this round and were called for Technical round 1- The interviewer was actually really friendly and when I say friendly then I mean actually FRIENDLY, It felt more like a discussion and less like an interview, The questions were pretty nice and were mostly on core subjects so prepare OS, DBMS, DSA, CN and OOPS really well if you want to make it to the round 2 of the interview at the very end the interviewer asked me a coding question which was-

  • It took me quite some time but eventually gave O(n^2logn) approach after a brute force of O(n^4).

Round 3:Technical Round  2

The interview result of TR 1 were announced within a day and so the Technical round 2 begin on the very next day, so better be prepared for all this prior to giving coding assessment, It’s not like; If you get through the coding round then it’s all Vanilla, only 30 people made to TR 2, and just like the last time the Interviewer was actually really friendly and supportive so it felt like a mutual discussion, He asked me about myself, deep discussion on my projects and then went to a coding assessment on Google Docs because that is the best IDE out there :

Anyway, the questions were :

  • Medium to hard and he asked for brute force for the first one then an optimized way and the second one- he asked for the most optimized solution.
  • I came up with O(n^3) and then O(n^2) solution for the first one and for the second one It was an easy O(n) and then linear time.
  • The problems were – Coin Change Problem- (2)Minimum Number of Coins(Greedy) and (1)Triplets with sum Zero.
  • After this, I was told to design a Database for a Bank and we had a brief discussion about it, there were two interviewers in both the panels starting from the very first TR so be very sure of what you are uttering in front of them- don’t go around in circles if you don’t know about something then just say that you don’t.

Round 4: HR and Fitment Round

The fitment round was conducted the very same day and there were around 22 people left after the whole process and same as the previous rounds, This round had 2 interviewers in the panel as well: So I hope that by now you know, Hashedin takes the Freshers recruitment process really seriously and probably that’s why they have one of the best people in the industry.

  • The questions were pretty basic (Strength and Weakness, Goals, Plan for Masters, and so on) and yes the interviewer was really very nice and was again Really Friendly! So we had a pretty decent conversation for about half an hour- then on the very same day we got the results for the same.

Verdict: Selected

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