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HashedIn Interview Experience | On-Campus 2021

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 21 May, 2021

Hi, I’m going to share my interview experience for HashedIn (by Deloitte) as the company visited my college this May 2021. There was 1 coding assessment, 2 coding rounds (for mine) followed by an HR round.

Round 1(Technical Assessment – Coding Round): There were 3 technical coding questions that were to be solved within 1.15 hrs. Question level – Medium/Hard

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  • Mathematical question based on mathematical equation – Medium based as we have to write most optimised code.
  • Pattern-based – Hard Pattern
  • Question a hard variation from finding the shortest path from one node to another in the graph – Medium – Hard Level.

The interview went for 1.15 hrs. Out of 120 students, 6 students got shortlisted (Luckily, I was one of them).


  • Write the most optimised code, writing the time complexities for each question.
  • Use comments & indentations properly.
  • Write the logics of what you’re doing (personal opinion).

Round 2(Technical Discussion – Level 1) – Medium

The round kickstarted with a nice round of introduction followed by some OOPs concepts. Then, we directly jumped on coding questions by sharing a google doc(Important). The coding questions were not directly LeetCode or GFG questions. But, a slight variation to all those problems.

  • Sort array consisting of 0, 1, and 2s in sorted order. Wait, the slight variation was to sort as per 1, 0, and then 2. ie. place 1 at first, then 0, and then 2. I solved it very easily. But, they were looking for all those methods I do the code. I take a deep breath and started solving the questions with Naive approach, followed by some optimised approach – (Easy for me)
  • Find all pairs that satisfies A+B != C+D. I solved this question by Naive approach by maintaining 4 loops. He laughed and asked me to solved with optimal code. I again thought for a second, and find the solution by using unordered_map(in C++) and this time interviewer was quite satisfied.

Some usual DBMS questions – Queries, Definitions.

  • Find the 5th Highest/Lowest Salary from the given table. I solved easily – He again changed by giving two tables. Savage, i solved again.
  • Difference btw Relational & Non-Relational Database. (Real world scenario).
  • Use cases for different Keys in daily world.
  • Best Normal Form and why?

Okay, I completed the interview with several doubts in my mind. The interview went slightly ahead of 1hr. Waited for 3 long days, I received my results from TPO of my college that I am selected for the next Technical Discussion. (Out of 6, 4 got selected).

Round 3 – (Technical Discussion – Level 2) – Medium – Hard

This round also kickstarted with a good intro and some basic Computer Fundamental questions. The questions asked were:

  • Networking: OSI Model and working, DNS & Mac Address & discussion on topologies.
  • OOPs Concepts: Concepts used in real-world projects.

Project discussion: Technologies used, difficulties faced, and how you resolved them?

Then, the interviewer gave 2 problems based on DP & Tree traversal.

  • Reverse Spiral Traversal of a Binary Tree – told 2 approaches by traversing by the heights (Easy – Medium).
  • He told me change code if traversed clockwise. (Easy).
  • Some variation to Rod-cutting problem. (Medium)

Discussion on system design – Design an E-Commerce Platform with all entities & tables that I want to use.

The interview went for 1 hr 5 min. I was not sure, as I was not knowing System Design concepts but I have somehow done that. Shortlisted candidates were informed after the next 2 days. Out of 4, 2 got selected.

Round 4(Hiring Manager Round): Very Easy

  • Intro!
  • Interview experience throughout
  • Are technologies interested in?
  • Projects & difficulties faced?
  • How’s the weather in your hometown?
  • What have u done in lockdown?
  • Strengths & Weakness
  • Why HashedIn? What do you expect from us?
  • Any questions for me?

The interview lasted for 15-20 minutes. They were just checking confidence & communication skills.


Note: Round 4 (Technical Discussion – Level 3) is optional for me as per my performance.

Tips to ace any interview:

  1. Thorough your concepts of DSA, CS & DBMS fundamentals. Take help from GFG, LeetCode, InterviewBit to prepare these.
  2. Be confident during any interview.
  3. Don’t put unnecessary things/tags on your resume that you don’t know(technical). Try to make a one-page resume (with all Technologies you know and worked on).
  4. Maintain good communication with the interviewer as two-way communication. Be presentable, what you think! (Basically, Thinking out loud!).
  5. Don’t hesitate to ask questions from interviewer. (technical/code)
  6. Best is don’t lean on last-day practice.

Bonus Tips✌:

  • Visit interviewer on LinkedIn and know all technologies he know and manage your interview accordingly. (Personal Experience)
  • Your intro will tell 50% of how your interview is going to be. So, please be specific.
  • Refer GeekforGeeks, LeetCode, InterviewBit before any interview.
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