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HashedIn Interview Experience | On-Campus 2020

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HashedIn came to our college in the mid of December. There were coding assessment, two technical rounds, and 1 HR round.

Coding round: There were 3 questions in this round. These questions were from the topic Stack, Tree, and DP. I was able to solve two and a half questions in this round and got selected for the first technical round.

Technical Round 1: The interview started by asking about the projects and then some data structure questions. The questions were:

  1. Check if the two strings are anagrams or not.
  2. Remove Nth Node From End of List.
  3. Delete Node in a Linked List.

Technical round 2: In this round, the interviewer asked me about what I did except studies during this lockdown period.

Then, a data structure question.

  • 3Sum,

Then, the interviewer asked me to make tables and relation diagram for Book Shops (which can be located at different locations) and to draw classes for the tables I made. 

Then, check out my OOPS concept with the help of the classes I made. The interviewers were friendly, and we were discussing with each other as we do with our friends. If I was getting stuck at some point, then he was guiding me.

HR Round:

  1. Introduce yourself
  2. Why HashedIn and not any other IT company and other questions.
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Last Updated : 15 Jan, 2021
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