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HashedIn Interview Experience for Software Engineer-II | May 2021

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  • Last Updated : 02 Jun, 2021
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I applied at HashedIN from Instahyre in May 2021, I got a call from a technical recruiter after few days. We had a small discussion on my work experience and technical stack. I had an experience of 1 year and 8 months. After two days recruiter scheduled the first round.

Round 1(DSA): 1 Hr

  1. The round started with introductions. The interviewer was very friendly. 
  2. Then we had a discussion on the first project from my resume. As It was a group project, so interviewer was more interested in my contribution. Also, I had deployed it on Heroku. So, Interviewer checked it and asked some more questions. 
  3. Then the Interviewer directly switched to DS-Algo. The first question was to find is there a possible path from source to destination in a maze having obstacles.  Then we discussed the approach and I was asked to write the code. Also, discussed space and time complexity. (
  4. Then the interviewer improved the question and asked to print the minimum path from source to destination. We discussed the approach and then I wrote the code. Also, discussed space and time complexity. (
  5. 3rd question was to print a binary tree in level order traversal in a format like 1st row from right to left, 2nd from left to right, 3rd from right to left …….. and so on. Expected in  O(N) N- No. of nodes in a tree. Then we discussed the approach. But I was not asked to write code for this question. Also, discussed space and time complexity. (
  6. Next question was how can we parse JSON file? Gave an example JSON file. And Asked the approach to get required data based on some conditions.
  7. Then we had some discussion on the time complexities of the Fibonacci series.
  8. Some background discussion and the interviewer asked to Do you have any questions?

I was able to write code for both and 1st and 2nd question (very popular graph questions). Also discussed strategy for 3rd one using 2 stack approach. JSON parsing I proposed a recursive solution. So, the Interviewer was convinced. So, Overall It was a good round.

Round 2(System Design): 1 Hr 

  1. This round also started with an introduction. The interviewer was good.
  2. He directly jumped to the technical part. First asked to write code for method overloading and method overriding. What is the difference between HashMap and HashTable in java? Why we have HashMap If we already have HashTable?
  3. Some discussion on REST API. Then gave me a URL and asked me to write all possible ways to send data by changing the URL only. Also, Asked to write Controller using REST API.
  4. As I had experience in Microservices he asked Difference between load balancers and reverse proxy.
  5. Then He asked to design a Tiny URL generation service. It is a very popular system design question. Then We discussed how to scale the system. What can be the different approaches if we have very expensive DB calls? Discussion on indices in DB.
  6. The interviewer asked to Do you have any questions?

I was able to answer most of the questions. But I was not aware of the reverse proxy. Overall It was OK round

Round 3(Fit Meet): 30 Min

  1. It was with one of the directors of HashedIn. He had around 20 years of exp in the IT industry. Very polite and friendly.
  2. First we discussed work experience, challenges that I faced in my project, questions about the team, how to maintain code quality what tools I have worked on?
  3. Some behavioral questions.
  4. What new technologies I have learned in Pandemic? Any ideas you are working on other than office work?.
  5. Then we discussed HasedIn work culture, why looking for a change, why HashedIn etc.

It was a good round. Just be honest.

Verdict: Selected


  • Work on ALGO-DS and System design skills. Be honest If you are not sure say don’t know. Don’t try to trick. All the best!!! 
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