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HashedIn Interview Experience for SDE1 Intern+FTE (Pool-Campus) 2022

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It was a pool campus hiring, around  350 members were shortlisted for 1st round.

1st Round: It was a programming round that consisted of 3 questions all was medium-difficult questions related to arrays, string, dynamic programming, 2 of them was leetcode problems slightly modified. 17 were qualified for 2nd round.

2nd Round(1st tech interview-1hr): It started with an intro from both sides, then we have to choose a programming language we are comfortable with. I chose c++, she asked me questions related to c++ and went deep to understand my depth in the same. Then questions on DBMS(acid properties, different types of key, query of 3rd highest salary), OS(scheduling algorithms, process, threads), Computer networks(OSI layer, difference between TCP and UDP, VPN, etc), OOPS. Then she gave 1 pseudocode and asked for the output. Finally, she asked for 2 DSA problems both were easy but they checked for an optimized solution, and time complexity is important. Finally, only 2 moved to 3rd round and I was one among them

3rd Round(2nd tech interview-1hr): First was intro then he asked a DSA problem to solve, I gave brute force approach but couldn’t give optimized solution and the interviewer was not helpful and he skipped it after few minutes and he asked some technical questions on OS, DBMS, Networks, etc. Unfortunately, I was not qualified in this round, and  the other person qualified for the next round

4th Round(hr interview 30min):  The other person qualified for this round was told that it was a non-elimination round and standard HR questions were asked 

Verdict: 1 among 350 was selected and it depends on interview preparation with some luck, my friend told me that his 2nd round went well but still was not selected to 3rd round. So brush up on fundamental subjects and practice DSA problems Best of luck

Last Updated : 14 Feb, 2022
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