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Hashedin by Deloitte Interview Experience for Trainee + Software Engineer Role (Off-Campus)

Last Updated : 06 Jul, 2021
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I had applied for hashedin in april through their career page, my online test was scheduled in last week of april.

STEP 1(Online Test): Online test was consist of 3 coding problems ranging between easy to medium. 

  • First two question were based on array you just had to keep edge test cases in mind and you were good, last question was from dp,
  •  i was able to solve 3 of them.

STEP 2(Technical Interview 1 ’45 min’): After first round my first technical interview was scheduled on 14 may but due to covid situations I had to rescheduled it recruitment team was nice they pushed to first week of june. Interview started with very cliched question tell me about yourself. After that interviewer asked about oops and projects and then asked me 2 question:

  1. Merge two sorted array
  2. Minimum depth of the binary tree

and then asked about the time complexity.I was very nervous but interview went good.Interviewer was supportive. 

STEP 3(Technical Interview 2 ‘1.5 hr’): Interview started with asking about well being and then interviewer jumped on to oops and dbms. 

  • After that he asked me about basic data structures and some question on hash maps. 
  • Then he told me choose between food ordering system or Online shopping, I choose food ordering, and then i was asked to create all the table that will be used and specify the relation among them. And then he asked me a complex query, firstly I thought i will be not able to do it but i thought i will write the logic atleast it took me 5-8 min to do it and interviewer was satisfied with my query. 
  • Then i was asked to create classes and methods for tic tac toe game. 
  • Interviewer was very nice.

STEP 4(Technical Interview 4):-Depends upon the performance of first and second round. It wasn’t scheduled for me.

STEP 5(H.R ’30 min’):- Basic HR Questions

  1. Tell me about yourself
  2. What you have done in lockdown.
  3. Some managerial question.
  4. Why you are not accepting previous offer(I had an offer already)
  5. Why hashedin.

The day after hr interview I got a mail saying i have been selected .

Tips: Think out loud, don’t giveup, have a good grasp on ds and algo.

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