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Hashedin by Deloitte Interview Experience for Trainee + Software Engineer Role | Off-Campus 2021

Last Updated : 24 Jun, 2021
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Step 1: Initially, I filled a google form that said, “HashedIn – Freshers Registration Form” on 26th May 2021.

Step 2: On June 4, I received an E-Mail from them that said that I had to give an Online test between 8th June 10:00 Am to 9th June 6:00 Pm.

(Test Link was provided in the mail and I received the other login credentials on 7th June at 6 PM.

Step 3 (Online Assessment Round): 2 Hours

  • Number Of Questions: 3
  • Total Marks: 300 (100 Marks each)
  • Platform: Otomeyt


  1. Program to convert a given number (between 1 and 99) to words:
  2. Opposite of this problem (Find two numbers from their sum and XOR:

    Here we are given sum(X) and xor(Y) of two numbers, we need to find numbers A and B such that

    X= A+B

    Y= A xor B.

  3. DFS/BFS type problem just like Flood Fill question on Leetcode:

I was able to score 240/300 and passed the Online Assessment Round.

Step 4 (Technical Round 1): 12th June (50-55 minutes)

  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. Talked about projects and resume.
  3. OOPs concepts (Abstraction & Inheritance).
  4. Given two unsorted arrays, find all pairs whose sum is x.  (

    For this, I initially gave him Approach 1 (Complexity: O(n^2)); He then asked me to optimize it, so I gave him Approach 2 (Complexity: O(nlogn)); He then asked me to optimize it, so I gave him Approach 3 (Complexity: O(n)). Prepare the most optimized solution (Time & Space Complexity).

Step 5(Technical Round 2): (System Design Round) (14th June) (1.5 hours)

  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. Projects.
  3. Discussed the previous interview in short.
  4. Two DSA questions with the most optimized solution.
  5. Abstractions, Abstract Class, interfaces in Java.
  6. Data structure to be used to design a Snake & Ladder game (Hashmaps) and write a code to take the inputs.
  7. Implement placeOrder() method for an E-Commerce app. (show Overriding and how it will work).

    R1 – placeOrder() –   100 orders => Place

    R2 – placeOrder() –  1 => place => 2nd order takes

    R3 – placeOrder() – Takes order as it comes (random fashion).

  8. Given 3 restaurants R!, R2, R3 where

    R1 – db1 -admin, staff

    R2 – db2 -admin, staff

    R3 – db3 -admin, staff, and a SuperAdmin login which controls all the 3 restaurants.

    How will it work?

    Master Database

  9. Any questions for me (interviewer)?

Step 6(HR Round): (17th June) (30 Minutes)

  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. About My blockchain project in deep. (Is India ready for the idea implemented in my project?)
  3. Why HashedIn?
  4. Suppose: You are 3 colleagues, one is you. The other one is your best friend and the third one is your mate (say XYZ). If XYZ deleted the data and your boss asked you, “Who deleted the data?” and if your best friend deleted the data. What would be your answer to both the questions?
  5. One time when you were in a problem, and how did you deal with it?
  6. Any questions for me (interviewer)?
  7. Family Background.


  1. Visit interviewer on LinkedIn and know all technologies he knows and manage your interview accordingly. (Personal Experience)
  2. Your intro will tell 50% of how your interview is going to be. So, please be specific and honest.
  3. Refer GeekforGeeks, LeetCode, InterviewBit before any interview.

Verdict: Not Selected!

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