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Hashedin by Deloitte Interview Experience for Software Engineer-1 (Off-Campus)

  • Last Updated : 18 Jun, 2021

Hi, I am going to share my Interview Experience with Hashedin by Deloitte. I have received mail from HR for the Interview Process.

Round 1(Technical Interview Round): First Round was based on Data Structures and Algorithms and Some Core Computer Science Problems. The interviewer was very humble and polite. The interview started with a small introduction.

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Questions asked were:

  • All combinations of balanced parentheses. I gave him the recursive approach for this Problem, But I was missing some base case and some corner case, so he gave me a little hint then I got the missing point and wrote the code.
  • Find the row with the maximum number of 1s. Firstly, I gave him the Brute force Approach with two nested for loops and He told me to optimize the approach, then I gave him Binary Search Approach in n*log(m) time complexity, He was not satisfied, after that I gave him two pointers approach in O(n+m) Time Complexity and He was satisfied with my Approach. Then he asked me to write the clean code.
  • Some Time Complexity Problems. He gave me some Pseudo codes and ask me to find the Time complexity.
  • Problems Based on OOPs. He asked me some Problems Based on OOPs like Concepts of OOPs and Function Overloading and Function Overriding etc.
  • SQL Queries. He asked me some SQL queries like Second Max Salary.

Round 2(Technical Interview Round): The Second Round was also based on Data Structures & Algorithms and some Core Computer Science Problems. He was very friendly in nature. I gave him my Introduction and started with Interview Questions.  

  • Story-Based Problems Based on Matrix Chain Multiplication. He gave me some story-based problem statement and asked me the approach then asked me to write the code. First I thought about the Greedy approach then I clicked the logic of Dynamic Programming with Matrix Chain Multiplication. I Explain him the Logic of DP(MCM).
  • Maximum Area of Island of 0s and 1s. He asked me about this problem so I gave him DFS Approach with an Explanation and he suggested that Don’t try to jump directly to the Optimal solution. So I did this mistake. I directly jumped to the optimal approach.
  • Operating System Problems. He asked me some Operating Systems problems. Difference between Thread and Process.

Round 3(Behavioral Round):

  • Introduction in Detail
  • Some Idea about College Projects.
  • Why Hashedin?
  • He asked some problems based on decision-making.
  • He asked me for higher studies so I told him that I have not thought about that.
  • Where do you see yourself after 5 years?
  • Hobbies.
  • Strength and Weakness.
  • Any Questions for me?



  • Try to discuss your thoughts with the Interviewer.
  • Never jump directly to the optimal solution, first go with the brute force approach then go for the optimized one.
  • Try to take meaningful variable names while writing the code.
  • Go with the GeeksforGeeks Interview Experience before the Interview.
  • Never Give Up.
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