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HashedIn by Deloitte Interview Experience for SDE2

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  • Last Updated : 31 Aug, 2021
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I got the opportunity to attend the interview as my profile was shortlisted by HashedIn HR through the Naukri platform.

Round 1(1 hour): This was an Algorithm round conducted by one of the Software Engineers.

  1. Check for Balanced Parenthesis
  2. A similar problem like Minimum Platforms required

Round 2(1 Hour); This was a Systems Design round with one of the Senior Software Engineers.

  • Design a SCALABLE music streaming platform like Wynk, AmazonPrime
  • I was expected to write DB Design, Memory Calculation, Required APIs, Required microservices. Later, I was asked to find the loopholes in the same design.

Round 3(20 minutes): This round was conducted by Team Lead.

  1. Why do we use Agile?
  2. What is a waterfall model?
  3. Why looking for a job switch?
  4. Explain the product architecture of your project in your previous company.

PS1: I was asked to introduce myself in every round of interviews.

PS2: I received an offer from them after 2 days.

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